Doping: the Russian issue on the IOC menu before WADA's decision


The Russian dossier will dominate the meeting of the IOC Executive Board scheduled from Tuesday to Thursday in Lausanne, a few days before the decision of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), expected for December 9.

The IOC has already taken a stand: last Tuesday, the day after a recommendation by an independent committee of the AMA paving the way for a suspension of Russia from the next Olympics, the body condemned with "the greatest firmness "acts" of those responsible for handling "data from the Moscow laboratory.

The IOC also assured that it would support the "most severe" sanctions that would target "all those responsible for this manipulation".

But it is clear that the possible suspension of Russia from the next major international meetings – especially the Tokyo Olympics – 2020 – and the potential ban on organizing competitions in the country, are the subject of much discussion and even worry in the Olympic family. "We have World Juniors in Russia in 2020 and seniors in 2021, all contracts are signed", worries a president of an international federation, on condition of anonymity.

The subject, more than sensitive, will be on the agenda of the Olympic Government as early as Tuesday morning, at the IOC headquarters, six days from the meeting of the Executive Committee of WADA which must decide on the measures recommended by its committee Compliance Review (CRC), Monday, December 9, relocated from Paris to Lausanne because of the planned strike in France.

If WADA confirmed the long list of measures recommended by the CRC, Russia would be simply banned from international sport for four years, excluding competitions including the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and the Beijing Winter Olympics. -2022.

Already ruled out of Rio-2016 and Pyeongchang-2018 Olympics because of the vast institutional doping system implemented at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Russia cries out for "political" conspiracy, a credo sometimes echoed by some international sports federations. happy to find in the country of Putin sponsors and financial conditions for the organization of events that very few nations can still afford.

– Surfing in Tahiti? –

Around President Thomas Bach, the Olympic executive will also be entitled Wednesday morning to a report by the chairman of the evaluation committee of the Paris-2024 Olympics, the Belgian Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant.

In the process, the Olympic government may have to decide on the choice of Tahiti as site surfing in 2024. If the IOC validated this option, "the choice of Tahiti could be adopted at the next Board of the Committee organization of the Paris Olympics, December 12 ", said Friday to AFP a source close to the file.

But if the Polynesian island and its mythical wave of Teahupoo seem to be favorites against the other four candidate sites – three in the south-west (Biarritz, Lacanau and Hossegor-Seignosse-Capbreton) and one in Brittany (La Torche) – part n is not won. "My personal opinion is that if you have two or more nominations, of the same sporting level, I clearly prefer the option that is close to the Games Center so that athletes and spectators can enjoy the atmosphere of the Games" , had repeated Bach in October.

Also on the menu of the meeting, a report Wednesday on the Tokyo Olympics and the controversial marathon and marching organization in Sapporo instead of Tokyo.

Bach will bring the final word with a press conference scheduled for Thursday at 14:00 local.

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