How to distinguish a good and a bad Thai restaurant?


Thai restaurants are now numerous to have established in Belgium, as everywhere else in the world. But not all of them offer the finest cuisine.

Kaffir lemon
In many recipes, kaffir lemon leaves bring a special touch to the dish. Any Thai restaurant worthy of the name must work with fresh kaffir lemon leaves. If they are not present in your dish and are replaced by kaffir powder, there is a good chance that other ingredients are not of the highest quality.

Thai Pad
You scrutinize the map and you can not find the famous pad Thai? It is rather good sign, plunge in the menu, pad Thai is far from being a signature dish of the Thai gastronomy, that of the opposite. You may make some great discoveries by opting for another dish, in the name surely much less known.

Thai cuisine is certainly among the highest in the world. At home, most Thai restaurants adapt the dose of spices to prevent our palates ignite. But if you want to discover the authentic Thai cuisine, opt for a restaurant that mentions the degree of spices next to the dishes on the menu. Do not ask for a dish with a power you dread by recommending less spicy, you may be disappointed. Start with less spicy dishes, just to get used to …

Peanut sauce
In Thailand, peanut sauce is usually served as an accompaniment, to soak some satays. If, at each line of the map you notice that the dish is based on peanut sauce, you are certainly not at the right place.

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