Main round perfect: DHB women end Denmark bane


The German handball players wanted to continue their hitherto perfect group stage at the World Cup in Japan against the first top opponent. The team of national coach Henk Groener met today record Olympic champion Denmark. After 19 years of waiting the Germans succeeded against the northern Europeans again a mandatory game success.

Evgenia Minevskaya

Done: Evgenija Minevskaja and Germany defeated Denmark.

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The German handball women continued their success at the World Cup in Japan against fearsome Denmark and reached the main round prematurely. The 26:25 (13:11) victory on Tuesday in Kumamoto was the first in a competitive game against the record Olympic champion for 19 years. With an impeccable record of now 6-0 points, the DHB selection remains at the head of Group B and is no longer displaced by one of the top three places. In addition to the again superior goalkeeper Dinah Eckerle convinced in the German team, especially runner Julia Behnke with seven goals.

Throughout the game, the Danes were not even in the lead. That was also because the German team started just as national coach Henk Groener had hoped: with a strong defense – and a towering goalkeeper Eckerle. In the first three minutes, the 24-year-old fended off three litters of the Danes with strong saves. The goal to 3: 0 Eckerle threw then even into the orphaned Danish goal. After just 12 minutes, the DHB selection was in the lead with 6: 1.

Strong defense with decisive

On the one hand, the German defensive played a large part, on the other hand, the initially surprisingly weak opponents. Teamed with world-class players like goalkeeper Sandra Toft and Champions League winner Anne Mette Hansen, the team missed the best chances and made technical mistakes. Only after about 20 minutes, the record Olympic champion was better, but also the German team did not let up.

The seventh place in the championship is the minimum goal of Groener and his players, because he would qualify for a qualification tournament for the 2020 Olympics. A big step in this direction Germany has done with the victory over Denmark, before that had last on 15 December 2000 at the European Championships in Romania, a German team won against Denmark a competitive match.

The success on Tuesday in Japan could have been even higher if the DHB selection had better used their numerous opportunities. Already on Wednesday (11.00 clock / CEST) it continues for the DHB selection in the next group match against France.

Denmark – Germany 25:26 (11:13)

Denmark: Reinhardt, Toft – K. Jorgensen 5, Iversen 4, Burgaard 3, Grigel 3/2, S. Jorgensen 3, Kyndbol 3, BOhme 1, Heindahl 1, Hojlund 1, Jensen 1, Hansen, Haugsted, Nielsen, Pedersen
Germany: Eckerle (SG BBM Bietigheim) 1, Roch (Borussia Dortmund) – Behnke (Rostov-Don) 7, BOlk (Thuringer HC) 5, Lauenroth (SG BBM Bietigheim) 3, Stolle (Thuringia HC) 3, Berger (SG BBM Bietigheim) 2, E. Minevskaya (Brest Brittany) 2/2, Naidzinavicius (SG BBM Bietigheim) 2, Weigel (TuS Metzingen) 1, Behrend (VfL Oldenburg), Grijseels (Borussia Dortmund), Grobmann (Thuringian HC), Schmelzer (Thuringian HC ), Schulze (SG BBM Bietigheim), Zschocke (Bayer 04 Leverkusen)
Referee: Mathias Sosa (Uruguay) / Cristian Lemes (Uruguay)
Spectator: 1000
Penalty minutes: 4/10

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