On the way to the professional


The cross-country race in Madiswil has left its mark on Eric Luthi. The Oberaargauer was splashed with dirt from head to toe. The rain-soaked track had demanded not only the "native" everything. "The race was still fun. Especially the downhill was cool, even though it was difficult to stay in the tracks. »

However, Luthi was able to prevent a fall. For the Oberaargauer from nearby Hermiswil came the 14th place, directly behind the 35-year-old local hero and organizer Andreas Moser. But the placement is secondary to him. "Above all, I drive cross-country skiing to keep the intensity high in winter." His focus is on mountain biking.

Whereby Luthi certainly started with ambitions in the Radquer season. For the first time, the 21-year-old has registered for World Cup events. "At the beginning I hoped that it would be enough for me to participate in the home World Championships in Dubendorf. But I realized that I did not set enough on the cross to have a real chance. "

In Bern, it was enough for rank 32, in Belgium last only for the 42nd place, also because the Bernese had started cold. Although the World Cup dream for the SM-fourth of 2018 has burst in the junior category, he has not lost the desire for sport in the dirt. I consider the cross races as a good preparation for the mountain bike season.

The trial year

And Luthi wants to attack in his best discipline next year. "I want to become a professional." In the summer he completed his training as a dental technician in Herzogenbuchsee. Because he was allowed to spend time in sports during the apprenticeship, he has committed himself to continue working until the end of the year.

"If it works, I would still be working in a 20-percent quota in the New Year." The U-23 driver will not receive any wages from his Langenthal junior team SNV Racing. "I have to find sponsors of my own," says Luthi, who will continue to live with his parents in order to save money.

Back to the national squad

In 2020, the cross-country specialist is aiming for the top 25 in the World Cup. "That's a lofty goal. But I also want to push myself back for the national squad and qualify for the World Cup. "At level U-17 and U-19 Luthi had each belonged to the national team of Swiss Cycling, before he lost this status. "The competition in Switzerland is brutally tough," he emphasizes.

Because as a professional he will be able to increase his current training amount of about 15 hours per week, he sees quite a chance to make the leap to the top. "I definitely want to try it." At the end of 2020 Luthi wants to draw a first conclusion as a professional athlete and reassess the situation.

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