Tren Maya is beautiful and good, it will bring culture: Armando Manzanero


Without ambiguities, Armando Manzanero states: "It would be the biggest mistake for our people to prevent the Mayan Train from being carried out." He likes the subject and plays it by note. Being an ambassador of the Mayan culture is not a condition for him: it is a task and "an honor."

From its own experiences, the Mayan Train – which is one of the priority projects of the federal government – would be a point of rapprochement between education, customs and customs, families and economic development. He knows what he is talking about: "I am from the year 34, with my mestizo Mayan grandmother I was traveling to Ticul in wooden wagons and steam locomotive; we had the Yucatecan pride of having the Yucatan Railroads, and there was no approach with the rest of the nation … the approach !, only one train united us among ourselves, ”he recalled.

The official figures speak of the creation of about 300 thousand jobs, nothing more for the construction of everything that implies having 550 thousand kilometers that communicate to the states of Tabasco, Campeche, Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Yucatan. The teacher says exactly the same, but with his words:

"Something that those who oppose do not think about is the commercial benefits of the people who stay on the road … the artisan of each town will have the opportunity to sell and eat," he says. His economic forecast brings hard data: "I don't forget my childhood the mince pies and a recycled soda bottle filled with tamarind juice that my countrymen sold when the train stopped … and that's what it is, then," he said.

In an interview with MILLENNIUM, the director of Fonatur, Rogelio Jimenez Pons, announced that one of the most important benefits of this work will be given during its construction stage, when more than 300 thousand direct and indirect jobs will be generated.

He added that annual revenues of 52 billion pesos are estimated for freight services. Of that total, 76 percent in food and the remaining 24 in groceries.

With Manzanero, we talk about the argument of damage to flora and fauna. Defend your people: “they care for and respect nature. They will take more care. ”

They talk to the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, and other writings before the conquest: “I remember that text from when the father teaches his son to which bird he can take his life, because he is going to feed with him, and which not ' because he sings very beautiful when God makes us dawn ', do you understand me? ”So, yes.

From his memory, beyond engineering complications, he remembers to whom it may concern, “they worry about what the train could break in the construction of their roads. False, one hundred percent! The road is already done. My mother and I were traveling by the train from southeast Merida to Campeche, we were transbiting and taking another federal train. Nothing else in Yucatan there are many routes that worked … from Merida to Campeche and from there to Quintana Roo for freight trains, ”he said.

And he continued: "Simply put, the road is already done … it's just to grab the gap again."

Beautiful and good

On the vote of December 15, when, according to the President, the indigenous communities will decide whether or not the railway project is done, he tells them to say in Mayan: “hatsuts and ma’alob" Simultaneous translation: beautiful and good. "Let it be done, the train will bring spill … of culture, don't go against that, don't make such a story, the reality is that it's hatss."

Manzanero is very clear about the times and desires: “If it is going to be in 2022 we are talking about three more years and I am 85 … hopefully I will see it and have the satisfaction of sitting in one of your seats to make the trip to the Mayan area, the most exquisite thing you can have, ”he says.

And the most universal Yucatecan ends with something similar to the end of a song: "The best thing that can happen to us is to have a train like the Mayan train … to see our country up close."

Touristic destinations

The original artist from Merida said that the railway project that will connect Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo will detonate new tourist destinations in the Mayan world and bring more cultural activity to the region.

Local pride

“As a Yucatecan I am, I think it will be simply wonderful. I feel happy that my race, my people are taken care of, we have many years, a long time to be forgotten and neglected, and still, with everything and that, they live well because they see the form. "

New care

The composer stressed that with the construction of the Mayan Train there will come a new stage of care and respect for the southeast area of ​​the country.


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