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The United States police intervened on the morning of Monday, November 23, Waukesha South School to avoid a shooting: a student was in the place with a hidden weapon.

During the operation, according to a report by Use today, a cash shot at the 17-year-old because he refused to hand over the gun. After the arrest, he was transferred to a local hospital.

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The incident, described as “critical” by the Wisconsin Police, led to the closure of the Waukesha South and another nearby educational center, both located west of Milwaukee.

It all started around 10:15 in the morning, according to the report of the US entity, when the young man still unidentified entered high school with a hidden gun. One of his classmates would have seen the threat and alerted the school resource officer.

Then, the agent began the dialogue with the student, who instead of paying attention to the request to remove his hands from his pocket, took out the gun and pointed it at the policeman, so the latter was forced to shoot.

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"The officer was forced to unload his weapon, firing at the suspect," the head of the Russel Jack institution told a news conference, adding that he was immediately given medical assistance.

According to the US portal Cbs58, the defendant is in stable condition in a local medical center waiting to be discharged to be interrogated for entering with a gun to a school.

"It was really scary," said Alexis Grady, a senior, according to Jsonline.

"These children start running out of the classroom directly in front of us, and one of them says' he has a gun. With the teacher out there, I was glad she was there, put us in the classroom immediately, so we were locked up before they announced it, ”said Andrew Oresick, 16.


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