Werder Bremen has to pay police costs alone


No police solos for Werder Bremen: The Bundesliga club must bear the costs of police operations in so-called risk games alone. The other German professional clubs refused at their meeting on Tuesday in Neu-Isenburg from a solidary participation in the expenses.

"We could not be in solidarity, that would have been the completely wrong sign," said chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge of record Bayern Munich after the two-hour meeting in the "Central Park" room of the luxury hotel Kempinski on the outskirts of Frankfurt: "The pressure on the clubs but we have to make sure we keep the risk games to a minimum. "

The German Football League (DFL) had paid in September, the fee decisions of the State of Bremen for four Werder games in the amount of 1.17 million euros with great reluctance. Half of the total was billed to Werder right away. Who should pay the other 584,000 euros, was still unclear.

DFL moves to the Federal Constitutional Court

Despite the decision to the disadvantage of Werder (32 of the 34 clubs present voted against the cost sharing, RB Leipzig abstained) must not pay the club immediately the second half. Settlement of the invoice was deferred until final legal clarity. The DFL will appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court.

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Werder also wants to complain

"In order to represent the interests of Werder, we will probably have no choice but to take legal action and we would have liked to avoid this situation," said Klaus Filbry, Werder's CEO, with regard to Werder's further path through the association's jurisdiction ,

President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald also had clear words. "We did not see much against Werder Bremen today in the principle of solidarity, which many clubs have preached over the past few months," said the club boss: "We have not got through that all this is against the DFL as a whole At the end Werder stands isolated – also to send a political signal. "

Werder demands reasonable division of costs

Werder had submitted to the DFL an application for a "reasonable division" of the costs. The Bremen invited the other clubs to vote against the distribution of all expenses on Werder. This would shake the "solidarity community". The North Germans instead proposed to distribute the costs to Werder, the DFL and the respective guest club.

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As expected, the Bremen, who denounce a distortion of competition to their disadvantage, failed with their request. This adds further costs to the club. Bremen Senator for the Interior Ulrich Maurer has already announced that he will send further bills. Three € 1.12 million in decisions are already in progress – not to mention fees for upcoming games.

That this practice is legal, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig at the end of March had stated. That's why other federal states are thinking about following the example of Bremen. From Wednesday, the interior ministers meet in Lubeck. There it will be seen, whether other countries in addition to Rhineland-Palatinate swivel on the Bremen course.

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Countries are calling for the establishment of a fund

Maurer and his Rhineland-Palatinate colleague Roger Lewentz continue to demand the establishment of a fund through professional football. That's what most clubs who do not want to pay for the fan problems of their competitors are opposed to. "A fund would be the open door for anyone who wants to ask the Bundesliga to checkout," said Rummenigge: "The clubs pay an incredible amount of taxes."

The refusal to compromise and the lack of solidarity with Werder look like calculus on the part of professional football. The "victim role" of Werder puts pressure on the other state governments, so that they do not ask their voters' popular football signage – and thus put them at a competitive disadvantage.

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