0-1. Numancia aggravates the crisis of Sporting


Gijon, Nov. 9 (EFE) .- The Numancia stood this Saturday in promotion promotion positions with a 0-1 victory in its visit to Sporting, which was fired by its fans with a loud whistle and shouts out, outside!.

Sporting and Numacia played in an intense rain that conditioned the development of the match, since the long balls were practically impossible to control, which resulted in numerous losses on both sides.

The local coach kept the same team for the last two days, except for the center forward, since Jose Alberto opted for Alvaro Vazquez instead of Djurdjevic, who is denied for the goal.

It was the Numancia that took control of the ball and the first minutes were his, although Sporting enjoyed the first occasion in a long pass by Manu Garcia over Aitor, who shot high, and also did not reach, by centimeters, a a center of Alvaro Vazquez a minute later.

The public claimed a penalty in an action between Carlos Gutierrez and Molinero, but after consulting the VAR the referee ordered to continue among the protests of local fans, who saw how Marino avoided a goal from the visiting team.

It was on a play that Noguera shot from outside the area and Marino deflected the ball to a corner. In the corner kick, the ball reached Calero, which, free of marking, fired, but the local goalkeeper responded with a great stop.

The Numancia arrived more than the Sporting, whose attacks died in easy centers for the rear or the goalkeeper, and went ahead in the marker by a defensive rojiblanco defensive.

The play began in the launch of a foul committed by Isma Cerro on Carlos Gutierrez launched by Curro. Noquera combed the ball back in a corner of the small area and on the opposite side appeared only Higinio to mark head to pleasure.

Sporting was offering its gray version, far from the game shown in the previous game in El Molinon against Zaragoza, was inoperative in attack and committed many inaccuracies in defense.

The people of Gijon came out much stronger in the second half and locked a Numancia in their field that began to see the danger around their area, but Sporting lacks a goal.

A clear sample was an auction to the clouds of Alvaro Vazquez after a measured center of Manu Garcia that raised the protests of the fans.

The fight was repeated and increased after a play in which the Numancia exceeded in speed the local defense and in which Nacho, in the first ball he played after jumping to the field, crossed the ball too much and wasted the occasion to sentence the match .

The goal opportunities were from there from the visitors, such as Curro wasted moments before the public charged against the referee for a play in which Molinero fell back into the area after a clash with two defenses.

The changes did not change the game, much less the effectiveness of the Gijones, who committed child losses that Numancia did not take advantage of.

Sporting conceded a new defeat before the derby against Real Oviedo. It will be a duel of needy between two teams that transit through the low zone of the classification.

– Data sheet:

0.- Sporting: Marino, Unai Medina, Borja Lopez, Marc Valiente, Molinero, Javi Fuego (Nacho Mendez, m.52), Cristian Salvador, Aitor Garcia (Carmona, m. 74), Manu Garcia, Isma Cerro (Djurdjevic, m. 63) and Alvaro Vazquez.

1.- Numancia: Dani Barrio, Calero, Escasi, Carlos Gutierrez, Sola, Kako, Gus Ledes, Curro (Otegui, m. 76), Noguera (Nachom m. 61), Moha e Higinio (Guillermo, m. 80)

Goal: 0-1, M.26: Higinio.

Referee: Muniz Ruiz. He showed yellow card Noguera (m. 37), Curro (m. 39), Sola (m. 79), Molinero (m. 82) and Manu Garcia (m. 86)

Incidents: Match played at El Molinon before some 14,000 spectators. The SportIng players wore a black bracelet in memory of the scientist Margarita Salas, a member of the recently deceased SportIng Foundation. EFE

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