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After the derby victory Union is on the upswing. The Berliners now want to score in Mainz as well. Will the next victory succeed against a direct competitor? Here in B.Z. Live Scores!

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Played! Union wins for the first time in the Bundesliga away with 3: 2! Whistles in Mainz for the home team. In the end it was again scarce: Union had to tremble again, Mainz came to some chances, the catch-up but too late. Union is thus in the table with 13 points ahead of Hertha (11 points).

90. +. 4 Goal for 2: 3 for Mainz by Brosinski! The Mainzer puts the ball from the left just beside the right inner post.

90th Five minutes of added time are displayed.

90. Giant chance Mainz by Maxim! He slips in front of the ball 3 meters from the goal and can not finish decisively in the fall against Gikiewicz.

88. Ujah comes for double goalscorer Andersson

87th Right now, attack rolls on attack on the gate of the Iron. Again Onisiwo goes down in the penalty area in the crowd, but there is no penalty. Referee Osmers beckons

85th Union is here in the defense work just a bit negligent, Mainz comes here almost directly to the next chance.

81st goal Mainz to 1: 3! Onisiwo meets! Niakhate heads into the box with a nice solo, flat cross, where Onisiwo hits the ball and taps the ball past Gikiewicz. The union keeper with a huge game, he was still here too. Well deserved first goal for Mainz.

77th Change Union: Kroos gets a few minutes of play, Polter goes out. And also Mainz changes: Burckhardt comes for Aaron

72. Next yellow for Union! Friedrich gets the card after a foul on Onisiwo

69. Yellow for Unions Polter. He blocks the execution of a free kick.

64. Mainz again! Onisiwo free from Gikiewicz. The keeper again with a giant parade, he rips his hand reflexively up and parried! After that Maxim shoots with the next chance just over the outside net.

Szalai in a duel with Trimmel and goalkeeper Gikiewicz (Photo: dpa)
Szalai in a duel with Trimmel and goalkeeper Gikiewicz (Photo: dpa)

63. Double Chance Mainz! Brosinski and Fernandes move away in quick succession, one Mainzer each in the way

61. Change Mainz: Boetius goes out, Onisiwo comes

58th The video assistant is used. The game was briefly interrupted because of a possible assault by the Mainz Maxim. Was this the hand on Andrich's face? The Unioner lay on the ground, holding his face. In the end, the referee does not even look at the scene – and there is not even yellow.

55. The Union fans are now loud in Mainz. This looks strong after away win for the Iron and after the next Mainz bankruptcy.

52.change Mainz: Maxim comes for Oztunali

51. Tooooooor Union to 0: 3! Again corner of Trimmel for Union, again header Andersson! Same scheme as at 0: 2: The corner comes on the short post, where the Unioner prevails with a lot of force with his head!

Cheers after the 0: 3 for Union by Andersson! (Photo: dpa)
Cheers after the 0: 3 for Union by Andersson! (Photo: dpa)

49. Yellow for Parensen. Free kick Mainz from the right, who brings nothing.

48th Two good scenes for Union at the beginning of the second half. Now Polter puts in the 16er for Andersson, but keeper Zentner comes just in time to the ball in front of the Unioner. Is this 3: 0?

It continues with half time two! Incidentally, there were whistles from the Mainz audience against their own team at the break whistle

Toooooooor for Union to 0: 2 (45 + 2)! Andersson makes it to the Trimmel corner! He comes in the six-yard room and swings the corner with a powerful header in the goal! With the 2: 0 it goes into the break. Union is now 13 points ahead of Hertha in the table (11 points). Referee Osmers does not whistle after the goal. Overall, the leadership is quite happy for Union. Mainz had some good chances, but then conceded two straight goals.

45. +. 2 Another corner for Union! Trimmel is ready

45th There will be two minutes extra time

42nd Yellow card for St. Juste. He jumps with his knee in a duel with Polter. The Unioner needs to be treated

39th Mainz again wants a penalty: Friedrich is against Quaison with his arm on the ball. The arm was created. The VR does not intervene. The action was just outside the box.

37th Great chance Mainz! Quaison is running alone on Gikiewicz, the Kepper comes out, the Mainz does not come over!

34th Zentner fists away a free-kick flank. He then buries the additional margin under him.

33rd Schlotterbeck is apparently bleeding, is replaced. Apparently aftermath of the action earlier. Parensen comes for him

30. Toooooooor Union to 1: 0! Ingvartsen executes! Trimmel was able to cross from the right and Ingvartsen and Brosinski went to the ball in the middle. The ball went down the left corner. Possibly Brosinski was on the ball. But the goal will be credited to Ingvartsen

Union cheers for the 0: 1 goal by Sebastian Andersson (Photo: dpa)
Union cheers for the 0: 1 goal by Sebastian Andersson (Photo: dpa)

28. Mainz counter: And almost makes the 1: 0! At the end of the ball is placed in the backcourt, there is Baku free and wants to push the ball with the flat side in the right corner of the goal. But he passes the ball a few inches past the right post!

Baku puts the ball past the goal and can not believe it (Photo: dpa)
Baku puts the ball past the goal and can not believe it (Photo: dpa)

24th Now again Mainz, Quaison just pulls off from a good 20 yards central position, but the ball goes meter over it.

21st Boetius goes down in the penalty area, calls penalty. The referee continues to run. Swallow of the Mainzers!

20. Directly in return the huge chance for Mainz! After a low cross Szalai settles on the edge of the penalty area, can deduct freely, Gikiewicz parries great, gets just the right fist in the full shot.

19. Next Chance Union! Great low cross into the penalty area from the right by Andrich. Lenz hits the ball at the corner of the 5, but is still hampered by the opponent and can not complete controlled. He pulls over it.

15th Union with the first big chance! Gentner bounces the ball in the box at the feet, he pulls off immediately, but he forgives from a good 5 yards, the ball goes over the crossbar. That could have been it! Gentner drops to his knees immediately after the opportunity and clasps his hands in front of his face. He knows: there was more in here!

12th Schlotterbeck shoots at Boetius, then gets his own bounced shot painfully in the face – and remains lying on Mainz box. Mainz can counter, but does not play the attack well enough. Union can form behind. Then the referee interrupts, Schlotterbeck can be treated.

9. Union with the first counter, Trimmel puts the ball in the middle, Ingvartsen extended. Polter comes, although he has a lot of space in the penalty area, not the ball. The ball jumps further left into the end.

7, First dangerous Mainzer attack on the right, long ball on Oztunali, who prevails against Subotic, fits into the box, but there Union can clarify.

5, So far, a relatively quiet start, apart from the foul of Andrich, so far no dangerous goal area scenes.

4. Rough foul by Andrich with the stolle in the opponent, the Unioner sees yellow. Szalai in pain, he hobbles

Robert Andrich sees yellow after fouling Szalai (Photo: Bongarts / Getty Images)
Robert Andrich sees yellow after fouling Szalai (Photo: Bongarts / Getty Images)

Third Suddenly the long ball in the top of Union, there is looking for polter, who does not come to the ball, Mainz can clarify.

Second Quiet beginning. Now Union can build relatively undisturbed from behind, Mainz does not press too early.

1st push! Union from left to right

How to play today:

With two former professionals of the FSV Mainz 05 Union goes into the Bundesliga game at the Rheinhessen. Coach Urs Fischer offered on Saturday in the starting eleven Sebastian Polter and Neven Subotic on. Polter played from 2013 to 2015 at the Rheinhessen. Defender Subotic wore the Mainz jersey from 2006 to 2008, before he had his most successful time at Borussia Dortmund. Only on the bench is the former FSV striker Anthony Ujah.

Mainz 05: 27 talents – 18 Brosinski, 4 St. Juste, 19 Niakhate, 3 Aaron – 20 Fernandes, 5 Boetius, 34 Baku, 8 Oztunali – 28 Szalai, 7 Quaison.

Union: 1 Gikiewicz – 28 Trimmel, 5 Friedrich, 3 Subotic, 25 Lenz – 30 Andrich, 34 Gentner, 31 Schlotterbeck, 32 Ingvartsen – 10 Andersson, 9 Polter.

Referee: Harm Osmers (Hanover)

The momentum from the derby victory against Hertha wants to take Union in Mainz and gild. Because the Rhinelanders are quite a direct competitor in the struggle for survival. With a victory could first catapult into midfield – and possibly past Hertha. The trend is Unions friend. Of the last four competitive games three could be won. Only Bayern lost just 1: 2.

Everything about the Bundesliga game Mainz against Union here from 15.30 clock in B.Z. Live Scores!

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