A blow to the heart: they were about to eat roast and they stole it from the grill


With security cameras they revealed who stole their meat. It happened in Cordoba.

An unusual scene occurred in the General Paz neighborhood of the city of Cordoba, when a group of coworkers from a mechanical workshop was about to sit down to eat the classic "roast on Fridays" for them. Just minutes from being served on the table, the meat disappeared from the grill, which was on the sidewalk of the workshop.

"We always do it on the sidewalk, on a sheet, so as not to get dirty," said Alejandro, the steakhouse, who "had marinated a vacuum of a cow and a pig" and promised that he would be "to suck his fingers."

The mechanic said that roasts that are made between seven or eight companions are usual. That day, "the skirt, which cooks fast" came out and handed it out on the table. But when he came back to control the rest of the meat, the grill was empty. The first thing he thought about was that he had been a dog and looked around, but found nothing.

"When I went back inside, to the shout of 'Our roast was stolen', they didn't believe me. I thought it had been a dog, or that someone was chatting to me. But then we checked the security cameras of a factory next door," he continued. .

Finally, in the security cameras they verified that a boy who was walking on the sidewalk, ran into the grill and, in seconds, stole it. "He threw the jacket on top of the meat, gathered it and left."



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