A strange digestion problem for Dion Waiters …


While he has already been noticed, poorly, with its leaders, Dion Waiters added a line to his locker. On Friday, on the plane that led the Heat to Los Angeles to face the Lakers, the flight crew had to intervene with a passenger who had fainted, and the latter was taken care of by a doctor at the landing.

Fox Sports reports that this passenger was none other than Dion Waiters, fell into the apples after eating too many "sweets"! The channel tells that the back of Miami was then convulsed at the time of waking. It remains to know what was in these famous "sweets" … since it is probably not just sugar that can cause such problems.

On the Heat side, it was confirmed that the player had felt bad on the plane, and the medical staff was simply talking about a "stomach problem".

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