Abuse case Bergisch Gladbach – next arrest


The Abuse case of Bergisch Gladbach continues to draw circles in NRW. Near Aachen, the police arrested a seventh suspect. Several men allegedly abused their own children.

In case of abuse of Bergisch Gladbach a seventh suspect has been arrested. As the police in Cologne announced on Saturday, it is a 57-year-old man from Alsdorf near Aachen. He was arrested on Friday on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children and is now on remand.

But the search of his house will probably take several days. Further information, prosecutors and police initially did not want to do because of the ongoing investigation.

Several days ago, four men were arrested who allegedly sexually abused their own children or stepchildren. Shortly thereafter, two suspects were caught in Krefeld and Aachen. The starting point for the extensive investigations was a large amount of data, which was found at the end of October during the search of an apartment in Bergisch Gladbach.

Victims of under one to eleven years

The pictures on the smartphone of the family father show loud police serious sexual abuse. By analyzing his cell phone, the investigators came to the five other suspects on the track. With the new arrest in Alsdorf, the number of suspects rise to seven, said a police spokesman.

The suspected perpetrator circle so far focuses on North Rhine-Westphalia, only one of the arrested comes from Hesse. In NRW, the investigators are currently known eight victims, aged under one to eleven years. The police had repeatedly stressed that unknown perpetrators could still be active. The dimension of the case can not yet be estimated. It is expected that the investigations would be extended to other federal states and possibly to foreign countries.

More than 150 investigators are currently working on the enlightenment. Numerous seized data carriers are being evaluated which show severe violence against children. According to Cologne police, the suspects have exchanged photos of the abuse in chat groups with up to 1,800 members. More victims are to be feared.

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