After attack on goalkeeper: Fans of Dynamo Dresden make BOllerwerfer


Dresden. The BOllerwerfer from the K-Block, who had thrown on Friday night at the home game of Dynamo Dresden against SV Wehen Wiesbaden (final score 1: 0) after the leading goal of Alexander Jeremejeff a banger in the direction of guest keeper Lukas Watkowiak, is apparently from other Dynamo fans and identified. The Chaot, who could have provoked a crash with the action, probably wanted to disappear towards J-Block, but other supporters prevented him from escaping. He is said to have been injured slightly and apparently had to be treated at the German Red Cross.

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Home win! Dynamo Dresden wins the basement duel against Wehen Wiesbaden 1-0.

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Further information on the incident was not available to the press office of the Dresden police on Saturday. "But I can confirm that an ad has been made because of dangerous bodily injury," said spokesman Hendrik Scholz the SPORTBUZZER. At the club no one was available in the afternoon. Dynamo had already announced after the game, to do everything in order to locate the culprit and liable. Press Secretary Henry Buschmann had apologized in the name of the club for the actions of the Chaot Watkowiak in any form. A hefty fine from the sports court of the German Football Association threatens the sports community nevertheless, especially before and during the game again bengalos were ignited by Dynamo fans.

The goalkeeper of SV Wehen Wiesbaden thanked Dynamo for its fairness and staying power, although the cannon blow behind him had been extremely loud and caused Watkowiak to catch himself again and again to the ear. "That will never go into my head, that must never happen," condemned Dynamo coach Cristian Fiel the hazardous incident. He was relieved that Watkowiak was initially impressed with no major damage.

Watts Wiesbaden's coach Rudiger Rehm also paid tribute to Watkowiak: "I think there were already many other goalkeepers who would have stayed in this scene and called for a game abort." The bitter 0-1 defeat and the controversial scene in the 28th minute, when his team had been disqualified 1-0, disappointed Rehm explained that he appreciated the Dresden fans from the past and did not want that some mental disorders can also influence the outcome of the game. Therefore, he told his keeper, he should continue to play, if he feels capable of doing so.

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