Andrada and Mauro Zarate had a cross in the networks: “You left me with my neck marked”


November 9, 2019 5:27 AM

After being eliminated from the Copa Libertadores, Boca Juniors players are the center of all eyes and this time, the goalkeeper and Mauro Zarate were the protagonists.

Zarate and Andrada denied that there was a fight between them.

In the corridors of the Bombonera the rumor that spoke of a tremendous fight between Esteban Andrada, the titular archer of Boca Juniors and Mauro Zarate, one of the team's strikers. The crossing would have been in the club locker room and the news, forced the protagonists to go out and talk to the topic.

"I want to clarify that nothing ever happened with Mauro Zarate since everyone asks me, ”Andrada wrote in one of her Instagram stories, without giving further details. The forward replied the message of his partner and also added a comment with humor: "You left my neck marked."

The posting on Zarate Instagram stories.

The punctual information, spoke of a supposed harangue quite raised tone of Mauro Zarate towards his teammates facing the game against his former club, Velez Sarsfield (next Sunday night in Liniers). According to rumors, the striker's sayings would have aroused the fury of the archer, who would have upset his teammate.

Mauro Zarate caused the fury of Velez's fans before the game against Boca: "Let's see what the coach does"

From what happened, Natalie Weber, the wife of Mauro ZarateHe also used his Twitter account to deny the situation: "Invention after invention … My God," he wrote in his personal account.

Meanwhile, Mauro Zarate He spoke of his desire to be present as a starter in front of Velez and aroused some discomfort in the club that saw him grow as a footballer: “I wish I could be on Sunday. We all want to play, none want to go to the bank. Let's see what the technician does, ”he said.

In this way, Mauro Zarate he will face his former team again after having been a substitute in September 3-0, 2018 (Super League) and playing as a starter in the two 0-0 draws that were played in the Super League Cup (May this year ) and that determined the classification of Boca Juniors to semifinals after the

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Mauro Zarate scored a goal as soon as the game started, but … he kicked it with the celebration

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