Arsene Wenger vs. Bayern Munich: Rummenigge apologizes


After the dismissal of Niko Kovac football Bundesliga club Bayern Munich is looking for a new head coach. A possible candidate was probably also Arsene Wenger.

  • Wenger brings himself into the conversation, the FC Bayern blocks but from
  • Wenger criticizes Bayern action and accuses the people of Munich indiscretion
  • Rummenigge apologizes for misunderstanding

Update: 09.11.2019, 21:53 clock

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of FC Bayern Munich, has apologized for the apparently failed communication with traded as a trainee candidate Arsene Wenger.

"I think we've misunderstood each other, I'm sorry, we'll call and clean things up in the not-too-distant future, I'm not interested in being stressed out with him."

Wenger had previously rejected reports of a refusal of Bayern and held the record champions indiscretion. The Munich had said on Thursday, Wenger (70) have called Rummenigge and showed interest in the vacant coaching position – but the club had given a cancellation. Wenger clearly opposed this presentation.

Update: 08.11.2019, 21:18 clock

Arsene Wenger has contradicted the presentation of FC Bayern regarding a possible commitment as coach of the German football champions record.

Not he had offered himself in Munich, but he had been called by Bayern boss Karl -Heinz Rummenigge, the Frenchman told the TV channel "beIN Sports". "He asked me if I was interested in looking for a coach," said the 70-year-old, who marked an era at Arsenal in London.

The Bayern had informed the "Bild" newspaper on Thursday, Wenger had called Rummenigge and inquired about the coach job. The Alsatian was "not an option" in the search for a successor to Niko Kovac.

"This is a surprising story," said Wenger, reporting on the call from Rummenigge, which he initially could not accept. "Out of courtesy" he had then called back and "maximum four to five minutes" talked to the Bayern CEO. "I told him that I did not think about it and that it takes some time, so we decided together to call again next week (…) That's the real story".

The Bavarians had separated from each other on Sunday by mutual agreement of Kovac. Meanwhile co-coach Hansi Flick has taken over the team, former coach Joachim LOw's assistant will be on the bench in the top match on Saturday against Borussia Dortmund.

Update: 08.11.2019, 09:59 clock

Arsene Wenger will not coach Bayern Munich. The German football champion confirmed on Thursday afternoon on "SID" request the rejection of the 70-year-old Frenchman. Allegedly, this had previously attracted the wrath of Bayern-responsible with public statements.

The longtime team manager of Arsenal FC itself has called Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge "and basically signaled interest in the coaching posts at Bayern," it said in an unusually open statement of the Munich opposite "Bild" on Thursday.

He continues: "FC Bayern are highly appreciative of Arsene Wenger's work as coach at the Arsenal, but he is not an option as a coach at Bayern Munich." Reasons for the decision called a Bayern spokesman against the "SID" not.

According to information from the "AZ" Rummenigge and Co. were angered that Wenger expressed in his work as a TV expert in "beIN SPORTS" last intensive and detailed about Bayern and brought himself as chief coach of the Munich in conversation. "Of course," Wenger had answered to the question whether he would be interested in the job as a successor to Kovac: "Training is my life, to this day."

Bayern has been looking for a new coach since sacking former head coach Niko Kovac last Sunday. Wenger was considered one of the most promising candidates. "Bild" and "kicker" reported consistently from a first contact.

In the meantime, interim coach Hansi Flick will have good chances to keep his post until next summer – when the last-defending team under Flick's direction against BVB will achieve "at least a satisfactory result and a good performance", as "Sport1" writes.

The first game under Flick had won the FC Bayern on Wednesday in the Champions League 2-0 against Olympiakos Piraeus.

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