"Avoid coming", "My right". And now the ANPI wants to silence Salvini


High voltage between theAnpi is Matteo Salvini. Between the partisan association and the leader of the League the opportunities for confrontation have never been lacking in recent years. But now in these continuous sparks a new element is grafted: the vote in the Regionals in Emilia Romagna in January. A sort of last resort for the Giallorossi government in total dive in the consents. Salvini is spending a nonstop electoral tour to support the candidate for the leadership of the Region, Borgonzoni. In this tout, however, there is a stage that has done and will make a lot of discussion. Indeed, Salvini intends to go to the Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna festival next Sunday to meet the voters.

ANPI's "no" to Salvini

A choice that however irritated and not a little the ANPI that with the president of the section of Rimini, Giusi Delvecchio in fact "banishes" Salvini from the square for the feast of Saint Martin: "The announcement by Salvini, of wanting to cross the square in the highlight of the party together with the presidential candidate for the region, worries us a little, if only because of the confusion of those days, not very compatible with the walk of personalities that run with the escort and for the inevitable interests of admirers and others that could be created". Then the position of the Anpi becomes all too clear and there is the request to postpone Salvini's arrival:"As a national association of Italian partisans – he continued, inviting us to postpone the visit – we would like to make an appeal to his 'sense of security' that has so much infused in our minds in this period: how it is possible to reconcile the crush of people passing through under the horns of the Clementine Arch with the 'walk' of an honorable escorted by the police, who unleashes whirlwinds of crowd as he passes? Wouldn't it be more useful for the moment of political walkway to take place in a climate of greater security for you and those around you?".

"I have the right to go"

At this point the attack on Salvini is quite direct. And the answer comes from Salvini: "Sunday I will be in Romagna, I saw that Anpi does not like my presence, but we are in a democracy and therefore if Salvini believes going to the fair of San Martino in Santarcangelo di Romagna is his right, like any other citizen, if we are in a democracy". And this controversy comes precisely on the day in which Salvini risked being attacked, taking shelter from a protester only thanks to the intervention of the agents of the escort. The position of the Anpi in fact further arouses tensions on the leader of the League that for some days is increasingly targeted by haters with threats and insults The request for a "postponement" of Salvini's visit by the partisan association does not help to bring that necessary serenity within an electoral campaign that is announces fire.

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