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OTTANA (NUORO) – "If you ask me to promise you milk for one euro a liter, I say I can't do it: politics must not make promises that it cannot keep". This was said by Agriculture Minister Teresa Bellanova at the dairy cooperatives in Oristano, in the Legacoop headquarters, shortly after having had a long face to face meeting with the shepherds in Ottana (Nuoro). "We have to make commitments only for what we can do – he added -. From the crisis in the sector we come out with supply chain contracts and aggregation".

The minister also spoke of "economic criticality that risks becoming a problem of public order". "There is a bit of desperation that worries me because it risks venting in rebelliousness and I would not like to see certain scenes already seen in the past", he concluded.

Last February, however, former Agriculture Minister Gian Marco Centinaio had signed a draft agreement with the shepherds to bring the price of sheep's milk to 80 cents per liter. And guarantees had been given to get the price of 1 euro per liter at the end of the season.

Pastors, the right price is 1 euro per liter
"Today the dialogue was opened, but it was said that in November there would be the end of the dispute with written rules for the future and not to put farmers in the condition to go under the cost of production. The right price must realistically be one euro per liter. And it can also be reached by spending the 49 million euros allocated ". Gianuario Falchi tells ANSA, one of the spokesmen in the negotiations on the dispute that today took part in Ottana (Nuoro) at the meeting with the agricultural policy minister Teresa Bellanova. "In 40 years everyone knew about the problem and no one has solved it – he observes – today there are the conditions. But the new dairy campaign cannot be opened without closing the old one. Last year we started from a price of Pecorino Romano at 5 euros per kilo and they paid the 60 cents deposit – Falchi explains – Now the market tells us that the price of cheese is over 7 euros / kg so the down payment must be at least 90 cents: the math does not go only in one sense ".
Meanwhile, the shepherds are ready to sit at the national table of milk on November 28 in Rome, but they also urge the convening of a ministerial meeting in Sassari to discuss the prospects for the new dairy campaign with large retailers, the banks and the Olos, the inter-professional body.

Bellanova, table on sheep's milk on November 28th
On 28 November the national table on sheep milk was convened in Rome. The announcement was made by agricultural policy minister Teresa Bellanova during a meeting in Ottana (Nuoro) with the shepherds, regarding the sheep milk dispute which at the beginning of the year had led to strong protest actions in Sardinia.

"Supply chain contracts, traceability, production planning: this is the area I want to reaffirm today – the minister explained to the farmers – my presence here, just a week after the meeting in the Region of Cagliari with the entire chain , is the testimony of the national attention on the sheep milk supply chain. I am here again to listen to your positions, to give an account of the work that the Ministry is doing for the sector. I do not make promises, we are working ".

"I repeat – he added – there is no need for a spot action but a medium-long term schedule that gives perspective and dignity to your work and your product. And the answer is – he remarked – supply chain contracts, traceability and production planning". Then he recalled: "we have 10 million euros on supply chain contracts, let's use them profitably, because that is the place where we can realign the value chain".

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