Burros Blancos was crowned in ONEFA


Burros Blancos was crowned in ONEFA after beating Aguilas Blancas in extra series, in a confrontation that was full of emotions on the stadium of the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium, but that in the stands was painted with cherry and white, colors that accompanied the Huelum at all times.

The first touchdown came from Julio Hurtado on the pass of Abel Garcia, Field Marshal of the White Donkeys, who dressed in cherry color.

The White Eagles focused their offenses on the land route with Emilio Fernandez, who became the main weapon of Ricardo Anguis, quarterbacker of the Santo Tomas team, who scored with Fabrizio Diaz and a field goal by Angel Corona went to the middle time with the score 10-7 in your favor.

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The third quarter was for Zacatenco, as they managed to stop the ground offensives and with annotation by Alejandro Cornejo and a field goal by Francisco Rodriguez returned to take the lead on the scoreboard and left the drama for the final part of the game.

The White Eagles chose to run, but now with Ricardo Anguis, who carried the weight of the offense and knew how to use Emilio Fernandez again when they were in the red zone to score and tie it when there was a minute with 30 seconds left on the clock , moment in which the shouts by both hobbies did not stop to encourage their respective teams.

With the score 17-17 the ONEFA championship was defined through extra series. The first to have the offensive opportunity were the White Donkeys, who scored through Aaron Garcia. The Eagles could not finish in the promised zone due to a loose ball with what the whole Zacatenco added his seventh title.

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