Carrillo's goal in the Champions League! Al Hilal won the final of the continental tournament thanks to the Peruvian


Gareca did not summon Carrillo for the last FIFA date. It is not known if it is because he is looking for a replacement or for the matches of the AFC Champions League.

La Culebra said his soccer desire to win the continental tournament. For now, he is well on his way and in the first final of the camepenato he showed it.

And is that Carrillo scored the goal of Al Hilal's win against Japan's Urawa Reds. The match was 1-0 in Arabia and everything will be defined in The return on November 24.

It was 60 minutes when, with the right play, the end got into the area like a forward. The center came and the goalkeeper went wrong. The former Lima Alliance headed and scored.

Thus, thanks to the Peruvian, the Arabs have an advantage for their visit to Japan. Before, however, the Snake will follow Blanquiroja on television. The reason? It is not known. Your level stays high.

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