"Claude Julien had enough"


Claude Julien said after the match in Philadelphia, it is disappointing to see that the Habs lost against a team against which he will fight to participate in the playoffs.

Under the circumstances, the club raised a big point because Carey Price was left to his own devices. He was disappointed with the conclusion, but he has nothing to be ashamed of. See the summary of the game between the Canadiens and the Flyers in the video above.

I can not believe that Tatar and Lehkonen were the most punished players of the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. You have to talk about indiscipline because they are penalties for hanging, obstruction, and so on. Tatar played only 10 minutes and it is clear that Claude Julien had enough. Maybe it'll give him a lesson. He has a better season than last year and we want it to continue in his case.

November is important for the Canadians who will face eight teams out of the playoffs in their next 11 games. It's almost the most important month. It starts with Los Angeles tonight followed by Columbus Tuesday. You can not escape these games, especially at home.

After which the December calendar will be more difficult.

DGs too kind

Since the beginning of the season, the teams that pull out the most are those that have been successful in previous years. How to explain this major change? It's because of the general managers who have fallen in love with their players!

The examples are striking. In Chicago, veterans like Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Ducan Keith and Brent Seabrook brought the Blackhawks to the top honors. They were given a fortune to keep them. But when they had more value, we could have exchanged a few to help in the reconstruction.

This phenomenon seems commonplace in the NHL.

Detroit, San Jose and Los Angeles

In Detroit, the situation is appalling. I do not know how long Steve Yzerman will take to turn that around. At all levels, from the goalkeeper to the defenders, to the attackers, it's difficult.

Ken Holland has stretched the rubber band with veterans like Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. Today he is with the Olilers and he left a club in demolition. A good CEO must have a vision in the immediate, short term and long term. Poor Anthony Mantha, who gets high in every game.

Same situation in San Jose where Doug Wilson begged Joe Thornton to return before bringing Patrick Marleau back. It's all well and good to give them gold and silver sticks for their respective boards, but he let Joe Pavelski go and bring back the other two. The DGs are so good sellers towards their owner that we accept everything from them!

Up to a point, it's okay for managing directors to fall in love with their player. But we must also think about the team. It's not much pink in Los Angeles. The Kings will be the visitors tonight at the Bell Center. Yes, they won the Stanley Cup twice, but we did not plan for the future. These clubs have not gone to the next stage. And the remaining players become frustrated.

If we take the example of Canadians during his big years, he was counting on the "Big Three", namely Robinson, Savard and Lapointe. They were among the best defenders of the NHL. All three were exchanged because we had to move on.

Maurice Filion did the same thing with the Nordiques before it was too late, exchanging Peter Statsny and Michel Goulet when he saw that the team was starting to regress.

Kane: not surprising

It's unfortunate what happens to Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks, who is being chased by a Las Vegas casino. We had to expect that. Hockey players are rich and some are more daring than others. It does not surprise me, even if we warn them to pay attention and try to make them responsible.

They make a lot of money. In the case of Kane, we are talking about $ 47 million so far in his career. The entourage of the players is not perfect, but it's up to them to pay attention.

Chara applauded, really?

I was greatly surprised on Tuesday when the Bruins visited to see Zdeno Chara's 1,500 career games. He even got a standing ovation from the crowd. I'm from another era, but are we going to start applauding all the opposing players who reach this kind of plateau? I understand that we want to be welcoming, but just a few years ago, this same Chara was the man we hated the most.

In my opinion, we exaggerate with our humanism when it comes to a world of extraordinary competition.

The friendship behind the bench

It was fun to see, on Thursday night, Alain Vigneault and Michel Therrien behind the bench of the same team. I like it when Quebeckers make a name for themselves and work together. I congratulate Alain for hiring Michel. It's important not only to have an assistant, but also a boyfriend. You spend more time with your assistant than with your wife during the season!

One of Alain's recommendations was respected by General Manager Chuck Fletcher. It's a stressful environment, so when the match ends, it's fun to be able to clear your heart with someone who understands you.

I know them both well enough to know that they have a black fun to work together. In Montreal, when Claude Julien arrived, he did not choose his assistants. He took those who were already in office. And I do not think one of these assistants is currently one of his buddies.

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