Cuba highlights the importance of sugar agribusiness


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Havana, Nov. 9.- The Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Elba Rosa Perez, said here that it is a priority of Cuba for the next five years the productive transformation of the sugar agribusiness and its derivatives.

In a workshop aimed at the development of the sector based on greater use of science, the official stressed that energy reconversion and the introduction of new technologies that increase the efficiency and added value of these productions should be included.

He indicated that the above should be achieved on the basis of the formation and mobilization of human potential, particularly of young people in the communities.

The Minister suggested that the results of the deliberations should be articulated with the Economy Plan.

The president of Grupo Azucarero AzCuba, Julio Andres Garcia, pointed out the need to strengthen the research-production process of perspective plans, innovation, investments and the productive chain, especially in sugarcane, until guaranteeing in each subject matter bonus for more than 150 days of harvest.

Participating in the workshop, which is currently being held at the sugar training center in the capital, producers, researchers, professors and managers, who will evaluate the contribution of the sector to exports and import substitution.

The forum includes the operation of four work commissions, related to cane production and harvest, sugar production, derivatives and rural social development. (Text and photo: PL)

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