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Know all the details about ticket sales. The tickets for the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 will be played in the Monumental Stadium of Lima (Tie), after being chosen as the venue for the only final to play River Plate vs.. Flamengo, next November 23. After a meeting of several hours, the highest authority of South American football, Conmebol, announced to the capital of Peru as the scene of the game, since it has a capacity for almost 80 thousand locations.

How many tickets are available for the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019?

Peru tickets: 20,000

Flamengo tickets: 12,500

Tickets for River: 12,500

Tickets for sponsors and others: 10,000

Ticket tickets: 0

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The president of the FPF Agustin Lozano confirmed that the final of the Liberators will be played in the colossus of Ate. "The final will be at the Monumental Stadium," said the mandamas for Fox Sports Radio.

The only end of the Copa Libertadores 2019 It was going to be played in the National Stadium of Santiago but because of the internal problems that are experienced in the southern country, the South American football entity decided to transfer it to Lima, which competed with the cities of Asuncion, Montevideo and Medellin.

YOU CAN SEE Estadio Monumental is emerging as the venue to host the final of Copa Libertadores 2019 (VIDEO)

Although Conmebol has not yet placed the Ticket Sales Y where to buy them to attend the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 In the Monumental Stadium, the entity had already drawn a lot of 25 thousand tickets distributed with 12 thousand 500 for each team for the match that was going to be played in Santiago.

Conmebol started the process of ticket sales Last August for the different stands of the National de Santiago in three categories:

Category 1: Pacific Grandstand | 250 dollars / 835 soles

Category 2: Andes Grandstand | 150 dollars / 500 soles

Category 3: South West Tribunes, South Gallery, South East, North East, North Gallery, North West | 80 dollars / 270 soles

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The first tickets that went on sale were categories 1 and 2 for the general public. The fans of River Plate and Flamengo and football fans bought their tickets for the stands with numbered seats. While category 3 went on sale on October 30.

The only final between River Plate and Flamengo in Lima It will be played on Saturday, November 23, at 3:00 p.m. (Peruvian time).

If you want to acquire the tickets for the crucial party for the end of the Liberators River vs Flamengo, you must enter the following link.

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The venue, with capacity for 80 thousand people, will host the final of the most important club tournament on the continent.

Tickets for final Copa Libertadores 2019: How to buy tickets?

1. All fans, OF ANY AGE, need a ticket to enter the stadium.

2. The terms and conditions to acquire tickets The events of the finals will be available on the online sales platform that will be enabled for this purpose.

3. The Ticket Sales The events of the finals will be held in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale, CONMEBOL regulations and tournaments, and the legislation of the country in which the event will be held.

4. The tickets for the event they will be nominative and non-transferable. The entrance to the stadiums of the events will be subject to the presentation of the identity document / passport of the ticket holder and the validation by the relevant security authorities.

5. People who are on the so-called prohibition of entry into sports venues of each member associated with CONMEBOL are not authorized to make the purchase and / or have access to the stadiums of the finals.

Copa Libertadores 2019 – Monumental

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6. The holder of the entry It is solely responsible for confirming with the respective authorities of your country and the host country of the event any requirement regarding visas and / or any type of mandatory health recommendation for entry into the country.

7. Upon entering the place of the event, the consumer accepts the possible capture and use of his image, indefinitely, in the transmission, retransmission and commercial dissemination of the event, in any means of communication, such as, press, electronic, digital, radio fusion , internet, social networks, among others.

8. Category 1 tickets will have a numbered chair. Category 2 and 3 tickets will have a free seat in order of arrival at the stadium, some seats have partial view.

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