"Gallegos must have been called a while ago to the National Team"


Fabian Estay, former national team, referred to the "surprise" that Reinaldo Rueda gave on his payroll.

What was expected was given. Reinaldo Rueda confirmed his list of calls for the friendly against Peru, in Lima, where he only called players who militate in international teams. Everything, because of the social-political crisis that Chile is experiencing.

That's why one of those called by the caleno was the former University of Chile, today Necaxa, Luis Felipe Gallegos. The flyer was one of the surprises on the payroll of the national team, since it was not in the trainer's orbit.

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Fabian Estay, a former Chilean national and authorized voice of nationals in Mexico, said that "Luis Felipe Gallegos should have been called to the national team a while ago considering all the tests that Reinaldo Rueda has had. It may be the replacement of Jean Beausejour … It is a symbol of Necaxa, "he told El Mercurio.

A good alternative for Gallegos, who can demonstrate whether or not he is in a position to be Beausejour's relay, who holds the record of being the only Chilean to score in two consecutive World Cups.

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