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The appointment was set at 1:30 pm on Saturday on Rousseau Island. General objective: demonstrate to safeguard biodiversity, heritage and climate. More precise target: say no to tree felling in the canton. When it snorts towards the Low Streets, the procession unfolds, the signs are raised and the banners unfolded. The atmosphere is good, but the slogans are claimants, sometimes alarmist. The most resumed? "Citizens trees!"

"When the rulers derail, revolt is a duty," reads a sign. "Les Allieres, never again," said another. "Do not sacrifice our neighborhood on the altar of real estate speculation," asks a large banner about the contested decommissioning of a perimeter in Petit-Saconnex. One of the objects submitted to vote on November 24.

In the crowd, there are in fact mostly "ordinary" citizens but revolted, and a certain age. Some have come to defend the cause of our green heritage, others are on a mission of resistance against a specific project directly affecting them. "It is necessary that the Council of State responds to the concern of Veyrier about the project of slaughtering century-old oaks along the path of Pinchat, explains us for example Marielena Gautrot. If we want to get things done, we have to do it with the Veyrites, not against them. "

There is also a large number of politicians in the procession: Green Liberals, Greens, MCGs, UDCs, Socialists. The call to protest is intended apolitical, as the association, they will not put forward.

After walking the Low Streets, the procession climbed the Treille ramp. At the top, after some mobilizing speeches punctuated by thanks, names, written on small signs, were given to the chestnut trees of the Treille.

Despite the mild weather, the crowds at the event did not fully meet the expectations of Jean Hertzschuch, its president. He hoped indeed more than a thousand people, the procession has gathered a little less than 400 demonstrators. "But I'm happy with it," he adds with a smile. And soon we will be 10,000. "

It may not be that much, but he is not wrong to think that the phenomenon can grow. Starting next week is the first festival devoted solely to trees. Festi Trees is organized by Joy Morton Beeler over five days. The goal is to celebrate them and to remind them of their importance in our daily lives. The entrance fee is well liked and the money raised will be used for tree planting (

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