Great Detail of Memo Ochoa with Sebastian Jurado


The Eagles of the America defeated last night with authority all the Red sharks of the Veracruz on the pitch of the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium, where the Azulcremas thrashed the Veracruz team with authority.

In this encounter our star archer Guillermo Ochoa, he returned to zero his cabin, making important cuts that he solved in an excellent way. Memo continues to regain confidence and continues to prove that he is the best Mexican archer.

As if that were not enough, Ochoa had a great detail with the young archer of Veracruz, Sebastian Jury, who did not live the best of his nights. Memo gave his shirt to the young Jury, which has always idolized him, a great gesture of humility from our archer, showing that despite being the best, he is still a great person.

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