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Saint Pep Guardiola scratched.In a chronicle – column as they say across the Channel – published by the GuardianJuventus striker Eni Aluko said Pep Guardiola needed to win the Champions League with Manchester City to join the circle of great coaches in history, which he still does not belong to.

" Guardiola never reached a European final without Messi, Klopp won one with Origi, writes the attacker.Guardiola's Barcelona achieved Rey's C1-Liga-Copa treble in 2009, which no manager had ever done before, but Luis Enrique did the same in 2015 and nobody sees him as one of the best managers Of the history."

After recalling the record of Mourinho and especially his victories in C1 with Porto and Inter, the English international drives the point: "Guardiola took over Barcelona after they won the championship in two of the previous four seasons, Bayern when he was reigning champion and a Manchester City who stayed on two titles in five seasons and had unrivaled financial strength. ." Come on, let's get out your best feathers to scar you on the subject!

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