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November 9, 2019 7:45 AM

The incorrect panelist gave details about a strong experience he lived with the player when they were in a couple.

screpante lavezzi
Photo: the details of the relationship between Screpante and Lavezzi.

Alright its love story It lasted eight years, after putting an end to his courtship Yanina Screpante he released certain situations he lived with Ezekiel "the Pocho" Lavezzi along its relationship.

He panel from Wrong he was debating the toxic relationships when Sofia Zamolo -that was in the driving in replacement of Moria Casan– asked a sharp question to the model.

Yanina Screpante was blunt against Ezequiel Lavezzi after the separation

“You who were in a relationship with Pocho for many years, the fact of following a soccer star that goes all over the world, has a lot of girls that are given to him… Is there anything toxic to depend a lot on the other, on follow him in everything and that he is the star? ”Zamolo inquired.

Without hesitation, Yanina said: "No, not because when I met him, although he was an important footballer, I didn't even know who he was." He added: "At that time I worked in the middle, in parades and was already known but at the beginning I was a little jealous."

In this same line, the ex partner of the soccer player gave details about situations that bothered her: “You saw that in the parades you are naked. And it was ‘you can see the bombshell’ and I have no idea. The jeans were worn and you crouched and you could see the thong. For me, the one who looks at me is his problem. ”

Yanina Screpante asked Ezequiel Lavezzi to give her Vicente Lopez penthouse

“He told me‘ you want to warm up (to my friend) ’and I replied‘ how could a friend of yours be thinking that I want to seduce him? ’ Or over there he told me ‘you like it and that person was a friend of him and I was a close friend of his wife’. Then I said ‘but are you crazy? '” Concluded Screpante.

The conflict between Screpante and Lavezzi

Behind the breaking off, the model it was installed in a luxurious penthouse of 300 square meters that belongs to Poor Lavezzi, located in Vicente Lopez and overlooking the river.

“It is a department that is technically from Ezekiel but was in disuse eight years ago. In fact, it was released by a friend of mine when she divorced, that we told her to move there because she had nowhere to go. With ‘Pocho’ we never use it, every time we came to Argentina we were in the Highlands, ”commented the current panelist of Incorrect.

Video: YouTube / AmericaTV

And he continued: “It's a comeback for him. I told him to give it to me because the reality is that for many people it is a lot, but for him it is a comeback. He didn't even rent it even though I told him I could get some mangoes. ”

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