Hysteria and riots at Ikea for the release of Virgil Abloh's collection


Customers flocked to items from Virgil Abloh's collection in Ikea stores. (video screen capture @ArnesonMax)

Hundreds of customers have flocked to items from designer Virgil Abloh's collection in several Ikea stores around the world this Thursday morning. Some waited outside the doors for several hours.

Known for being the Artistic Director for Men at Louis Vuitton but also DJ, close to Kanye West, and founder of the Off-White brand based in Milan, Virgil Abloh's articles provoked riots in Ikea stores around the world, for the release of its capsule collection "Markerad", which was eagerly awaited.

Customers in Belgium, the United States, Slovakia, Switzerland or the United Kingdom came very early this Thursday morning to snatch the 14 items designed specifically for young people and sold at very affordable prices: a box tools at € 8.99, a solid beech chair at € 119 or a trompe-l'œil cash register carpet at € 79.95 and a backlit "La Joconde" USB board at a price of 69, 99 €.

Each customer was entitled to 10 purchases. In Belgium, where many customers had slept in front of the shops, everything had already been sold in just 15 minutes. Many images of these scenes of hysteria and riots have been broadcast on social networks.

It is now possible to find many items in the collection online … at prices sometimes up to five times the normal price.

No store sales in France

No sale took place in France, where Ikea gave up putting the Virgil Abloh collection. The articles were only available online, through a draw.

It must be said that the last time the group put articles of collaboration Ikea x Virgil Abloh in a pop-up shop in Paris, the police intervened to prevent the situation from turning into a fight. It was in September 2018.

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