In Colombia, they thank Cuba for their contributions to regional peace


Medellin, Colombia, – The Colombian Communist Party and the Patriotic Union thanked Cuba for its contributions to regional peace, in the context of the XXVIII National Solidarity Meeting that today closes its doors.
We thank the people of Cuba, their Government and State for the great contributions to regional peace, and in particular to the search for peace in our homeland, they pointed out.
Both organizations rejected Bogota's abstention in the UN vote this week against the inhuman and illegal blockade (economic, commercial and financial imposed by the United States on the Caribbean nation for almost 60 years) and which is rejected by the vast majority of the international community '.

They called the democr Colombian democratic movement to strengthen unity with the people of Jose Marti ’, the National Hero of the Greater Antilles. They also meant that the Colombian Solidarity Movement with Cuba has held up the flags of solidarity and internationalism 'with a heroic people who have resisted the attacks of imperialism and have become a beacon for the struggles for sovereignty, integration regional and social justice '.

The gratitude to the Caribbean nation for its solidarity with the peoples of the world was overwhelming the day before during the event.

Cuba has always filled us with the soul of hope, has shown signs of dignity throughout history, goes out with its doctors to save lives in the world. I learned the status of a revolutionary woman from Cuba, listening to Fidel Castro's speeches, said the councilwoman of Medellin, Luz Maria Munera.

The great solidarity of the island tells us, let's be partners and maintain unity, he said.

Munera highlighted the dignity of the Cuban people. Without dignity, the dream of making a Revolution, as Cuba did, will not be possible, he remarked.

For his part, Omar Restrepo, representative to the Chamber for the FARC party, thanked the Caribbean nation ‘for such dignity that inspires those of us who want a continent in peace’.

To Cuba, cradle of peace and freedom, eternal gratitude. If it were not for the Cuban and Venezuelan people, the Peace Agreement could not have been signed (in 2016 between the State and the former FARC-EP guerrilla).

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