Liliana Segre, the League's mayor of Ferrara offers honorary citizenship | Mattarella: "Hate is concrete"


Mattarella's support To express solidarity with Liliana Segre, under escort after the numerous threats received, was also the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. "The stock assigned to Liliana Segre" and the story of the girl who was forbidden to sit on the bus "for skin of a different color" show that "intolerance, hatred, opposition, are not rhetorical alternatives, they are not abstract, but extremely concrete. " According to Mattarella, vaccines against these dangers are "solidarity and mutual aid".

The proposal in Ferrara after the "no" in Pescara The proposal of the mayor Alan Fabbri, loyal to Matteo Salvini, arrived during the conference on the award ceremony of the XIX literary prize "Adei-Wizo Adelina Della Pergola 2019", a national literary prize established in 2000 to promote knowledge about the Jewish world. Such an initiative is in stark contrast to what happened in Pescara on Thursday. "The conditions for giving it honorary citizenship are lacking because there is no link with our territory: then we should also give it to the many representatives of the institutions that receive public offenses and threats". So the leader of the League to the Municipality of Pescara, Vincenzo D'Incecco, has rejected the center-left's proposal to grant it honorary citizenship.

No to exploitation"It is a gesture due to the light of the history of our country that wants to represent the profound respect for all the victims of the Holocaust, Ferrara or not. We hope that this will put an end to all tension and any exploitation, which nothing else can do but to harm social cohesion that, in particular on this issue, has always characterized our city ", said the mayor.

The initiatives There are already several proposals, more or less advanced to confer honorary citizenship on Liliana Segre, from Reggio Calabria to Montegrotto, in the Padua area. Initiatives are scheduled in Milan, the city where the life senator was born: a spontaneous movement of citizens has organized an appointment in front of the synagogue in Via della Guastalla 'while Anpi has organized the event "Milan does not hate. Together for Liliana ". The president of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana and the president of the regional council, Alessandro Fermi, invited Segre to an institutional meeting at the Pirellone.

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