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The emotions in the diamond of the Baseball League of Amateur Oaxaca A.C., will be lived to the fullest with the dispute of the semifinals of the category of third force, which start this Saturday.

In the first key, the current champion the ninth of Alternative Energies II commanded by Alfredo Acevedo, will measure the Wild Boars headed by Juan Manuel Reyes.

The Electric are considered slightly favorites. To settle in the prelude of the series for the title, they left on the road in two games to the ninth of the Faculty of Languages ​​by blackboards of 12-6 and 15-14. For their part, the Wild Boar also dispatched the Spartans in two meetings.

For the other series, the Paperos by Javier Arguello commanded by Armando Hernandez, will face the Lions of Emmanuel Martinez.

The hostilities of the first game of the two series start at 1:30 p.m. in the Tequio fields. The second clash is scheduled for Sunday at 09:30 in the morning. In case of a tie, the third match is played 20 minutes after the second.

As for the second force category, the last guest to the grand final is on hold. Los Angeles de Ixtepec and the first Alternative Energies team will meet again at noon today in the field of Annex A. The game is matched to 8 races at the height of the twelfth inning.

The bulls of the duo Cesar Techachal and Joel Sanchez, are already waiting for their rival in the grand final, after eliminating the Cubs of Doctor Cesar Lopez.

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