Lotto on Saturday, 09.11.2019: The current lottery numbers


"I would love to be a millionaire, then my account would never be empty" – are you dreaming of the lottery jackpot? Here you can find all information about lottery 6 out of 49 – current winning numbers and odds of Wednesday and Saturday.

At the draw last Wednesday, 06.11.2019, no lucky guy has typed on the six correct plus super number, which is why the jackpot has risen to eleven million euros. Whether you have placed on the right lottery numbers in the current draw, you will learn after the draw here with us.

The lottery numbers from Saturday, 09.11.2019

6 out of 49: 9 – 28 – 31 – 33 – 40 – 44

Super number: 7

Game 77: 4 3 2 9 4 4 6

Super 6: 6 3 4 7 2 8

(Information provided without guarantee)

What happens when the dream of the jackpot becomes reality? You should pay attention to that. And how long do lottery players have time to pick up their winnings? The most important questions and answers about the profit period.

Winning odds – Determination after drawing

Lotto 6aus49

Game use: €

classNumber rightprofitsquotas
16 correct + SZx
26 rightx
35 corrects + SZx
45 rightx
54 correct + SZx
64 rightx
73 corrects + SZx
8th3 rightx
92 correct + SZx

Game 77 Winning odds – Determination after drawing

Game use: €

classNumber rightprofitsquotas
I7 correct final digitsx
II6 correct final digitsx77,777.00 €
III5 correct final digitsx7,777.00 €
IV4 correct final digitsx777,00 €
V3 correct final digitsx77,00 €
VI2 correct final digitsx17,00 €
VII1 correct final digitx5,00 €

Super 6 win odds – Determination after drawing

Game use: €

classNumber rightprofitsquotas
I6 correct final digitsx
II5 correct final digitsx6,666.00 €
III4 correct final digitsx666,00 €
IV3 correct final digitsx66,00 €
V2 correct final digitsx6,00 €
VI1 correct final digitx€ 2.50

(Information provided without guarantee)

How the lottery "6aus49" works

Before the draw, the player fills in a slip. Then six out of a total of 49 winning numbers are ticked. After submitting the game ticket, six balls are drawn from a pool of 49 numbered balls. The goal of the game is to match as many of the numbers as possible with the previously typed numbers. To crack the jackpot, you need six correct winning numbers and the correct super number. This is the last digit of the ticket number, which is a number between zero and nine. The Super Number will be drawn from a pool of ten numbers following the draw of "6 out of 49".

Depending on the correct typed numbers or correct super number, there are a total of nine winning classes. For a win at least two numbers must be typed correctly and the super number must be correct.

Amount of profit

The amount of the profit depends on the winning class and the stake. The more numbers are correct, the better the winning class and the amount paid out. The amount of money distributed across the nine prize pools equals 50 percent of the stake. The amount won is therefore highest when as many bills are played and as few players have typed on the correct numbers.


According to, the chance of winning class 1, that is, six correct numbers plus the super number, is around 1: 140 million. The winning odds of each class since May 4, 2013 are as follows.

classNumber rightdistribution shareprofitsChance 1 too
16 correct + SZ12.8 percent1 x139838160
26 right10 percent9 x15537573
35 corrects + SZ5 percent258x542008
4Match 515 percent2,322 x60223
54 correct + SZ5 percent13,545x10324
6Match 410 percent121,905 x1147
73 corrects + SZ10 percent246,820 x567
8th3 Correct45 percent2,221,380 x63
92 correct + SZfixed amount1,851,150 x76

Cost of participation

On a lottery ticket are boxes with numbers each 49 numbers to mark. Each field that is filled in is a so-called tip and costs 1.00 Euro. The amount of the participation fee is therefore not based on the number of tickets, but the number of tips. In addition there is a processing fee per ticket.

In addition to lottery "6aus49" you can also participate in the additional lotteries Game 77, Super 6 and the lucky spiral. For the game 77 you pay an additional 2.50 euros, the Super 6 costs 1.25 euros. You can participate in the lucky spiral for an amount of 5.00 Euro.

Forced distribution of the jackpot

If the jackpot was not broken in twelve consecutive draws, there will be a guaranteed payout in the 13th draw. If a player taps on six correct plus super number, then the jackpot amount is played out as usual. However, once again no player has reached the profit class 1, there will be a compulsory distribution. The amount is then credited to the winner of winning class 2. If this is also vacant, the amount goes to the underlying etc. Theoretically, it is thus possible that the sum is distributed to the winning class 9.

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