LVMH is worth more than 200 billion euros


Dominant luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton are benefiting from the growth driver China, where the expanding middle class is striving for luxury goods.
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LVMH is worth more than 200 billion euros: The French luxury group is thus replacing the Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis as the fourth-largest group in Europe – yet it has its downsides.

Dhe French luxury group LVMH achieved the highest price in its history on Tuesday morning. At 399 euros per share, it is worth more than 200 billion euros for the first time. LVMH is not only the highest rated company in France, but also the Eurozone. The manufacturer with more than 70 luxury brands on offer symbolizes the rise of the industry to one of the most important economic factors. The approximately 80 stocks in the luxury stock index S & P Global Luxury have roughly quadrupled over the past ten years. For comparison, the Dax-30 climbed only about a factor of 2.3 during this period.

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The French manufacturer LVMH is the industry leader because no other vendor has the same breadth in brands, the same purchasing power and the same assertiveness in retailing. "The macroeconomic indicators are slowing down and we now favor the mega-brands that gain market share and invest not only in keeping but also expanding their customer base," said Louise Singlehurst, luxury analyst at Goldman Sachs in London.

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