Macron asks Platini to return to business


According to the French site specializing in the stock market and finances,, Platini reportedly told the French news agency, AFP, that it intends to claim from UEFA the payment of arrears of salary, fees and expenses. lawyers and a bonus. The former UEFA president is asking the court to pay salary arrears for the months of his suspension and a bonus "provided for in his (its) contract" as well as the payment of expenses incurred for the fees of his lawyers.

According to sources close to the record, still according to, Michel Platini, whose suspension for 4 years ended in early October, claims an overall amount of about 7.2 million euros, including 5.5 million EUR of wage arrears, figures not confirmed by the former leader.
"Via my lawyers, I ask the application of the contractual elements", told AFP Mr. Platini who considers that the amounts evoked "are false".
In detail, Platini asks – according to sources close to the record – a bonus of EUR 1.8 million "for its contribution to the success of the Euro-2016 in France", the payment of 636,000 euros in legal fees, in plus salary arrears for "the period from 2016 to 2019".
Platini, 64, elected to the presidency of UEFA in 2007, was suspended in October 2015 by the internal justice of FIFA, for a controversial payment of CHF 2 million (EUR 1.8 million), received from the president of Fifa, Sepp Blatter, himself suspended 6 years.
His suspension came to an end on 6 October and since then Michel Platini, a time candidate for the presidency of FIFA, said he could find a role in football.
"The bonus was something the finance manager owed the president for the organization of the Euro," added Platini. As for the lawyers' fees, "it was when I was president and UEFA had promised to pay them".
"We have claimed a salary balance, which we believe was contractually due," Vincent Solari, a Geneva lawyer for the former Ballon d'Or, added in an email to AFP.
"We have not claimed the bonus you indicate, nor in the state a salary amount such as the one you mention, but much less," tempered the lawyer.
Mr Solari added that he would "probably have to initiate proceedings" in the labor courts "because UEFA, after a long delay, just told us that it disputed this claim, without any motivation."

Moving message from Macron to "Platoche"

In addition, the former legend of French football, received a message from the President of the French Republic asking him to reinvest in football again.
"Dear Plato … Come back, it would make me very happy." While listening to a warm message from Emmanuel Macron, Michel Platini was upset, stammering this Thursday, November 7 on the set of RTL: "I think I will faint ".
Indeed, French radio has made a surprise to the legend of French football who was his guest on Thursday night: a long message of praise from the President of the Republic, who asks him to return to get involved in the world of football.

"I … I … I think I'm going to faint"

"I know that the last years have been hard, that the wounds have sometimes been deep, that the feeling of injustice is also there," said Emmanuel Macron * during this message recorded on his return flight from Reunion at the end of October .
"But you still have plenty to bring to French football and young French people. And if you were ready, maybe not to raise the crampons, but you would recommit for the football, the sport, our country, that would make me happy ". "So, congratulations, thank you and come back, it would be my pleasure," added the President of the Republic who "dreamed of entire generations including mine."
Listening to him, Michel Platini, very touched, had trouble finding his words. "I think I will faint … I am very moved, I did not expect at all that the President of the Republic can say such beautiful things about me," he said.
If Platini, 64, can now consider regaining a role in football and said he received many proposals, he has not yet given details of a possible base. "I will come back to the extent that I can be useful. I did not decide anything. I'll talk to him one-on-one, "the player concluded.

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