Man eaten by shark – His wife makes terrible discovery in the animal's stomach


For a 44-year-old Brit, a nightmare became a bitter reality: her husband was eaten by a tiger shark on a vacation together.

  • In the Indian Ocean off the island of Reunion, a man was eaten by a shark.
  • How the woman could identify her husband is scary.
  • In Reunion there have been many shark attacks since 2011.

Reunion – It sounds like a terrible nightmare, but unfortunately sad reality for the Briton Verity: Her husband became on the Reunion Island eaten by a shark, On a journey undertaken by the 15-year-old couple living in Scotland to celebrate Verity's 40th birthday, the vanished40-year-old Richard Martyn Turner without a trace during a snorkeling trip in the Indian Ocean, as Thesun reports.

After shark attack: found body parts in the stomach of a tiger shark

His wife reported missing him. However, a helicopter search for the missing person remained unsuccessful. And then the shock: A short time later his Remains in the stomach of one of four tiger sharks found. The predators were reportedly caught because they were out of their natural habitat.

Woman needs to identify husband after shark attack based on wedding ring

The sharks became one autopsy and got into the stomach of a four-meter tiger shark Hand and forearm of the 44-year-old – as his body parts recognizable only because he his wedding ring wore over which his wife could identify him.

Also off the coast of French Polynesia, a shark attacks a French tourist. She survives with heavy blood loss – she still had luck in bad luck. She is disfigured for life.

Unclear if man was alive at Haiangriff

It was unclear whether the 44-year-old drowned and then attacked, or was attacked while swimming and killed, reports thesun based on statements by the local police. One DNA Test will officially clarify the identity of the man.

Shark attacks are not uncommon, according to reports from Reunion Island Shark attacks 11 were reported, with fatal consequences.

Off the coast of Australia, two men in a popular bathing area are heavy with a shark attack

get hurt. One was bitten off the foot.


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