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"My Hero Academia”Has entered a crucial stage of his anime. On the one hand it is Midoriya, the young heir of the power of ‘All might’, Who must train very hard to become the next‘Peace symbol’, Since his mentor has officially retired.

On the other, the 'Villains League’Will not be the only great enemy that the heroes will face during this season, since Kai Chisaki and the 'Eight Death Precepts’They will also be present to position their yakuza association above the other criminal organizations in the city.

While the way of Deku It hasn't been easy so far, things just got a lot more complicated for a truth than 'All might’Has been stored for a long time. In the previous episode it looked like Midoriya entered the agency of Sir nighteye for his practices, at the same time that he confessed to him the true plan of Toshinori to pass it on to Mirio Togata in the future.

He decides to ignore for the moment everything he said, but the doubt would torment him throughout the current episode until he could no longer. What happened in the chapter 4 of the season 4 from "My Hero Academia"? Here we tell you.


Deku could not help but let Kai Chisaki go (Photo: heroaca)
Deku could not help but let Kai Chisaki go (Photo: heroaca)

At the beginning of the episode it looks like Mirio Togata Y Midoriya they begin their patrolling through the city under the indications of Sir nighteye. They both talk about their hero names until an alley a little girl with a horn collides with Deku.

He crouches down to make sure it was okay, but suddenly the very same one comes out of the alley Kai Chisaki that he had talked about so much Sir nighteye. Mirio he takes the initiative by commenting random things about his work as heroes while still being students, but the little girl strongly embraces Deku and asks him not to leave.

Here the heroes do not know what to do. The instructions of Sir nighteye it was not to attract attention and not make their enemy suspect them, but not respond to the terror of the girl Eri It could also be an indicator of suspicion since no hero would act so carefree.

Overhaul keep saying that Eri She is her daughter and she always acts like this, so she tells the heroes to follow them through the alley so as not to cause such a scandal in the street. This flips with the intention of killing them and Eri it detaches from Deku to return with his "father."

Confused, both return with Sir nighteye to inform you about the situation. This sends them home since continuing patrolling would raise too many suspicions. Deku then he goes to school the next day but he can't stop thinking about what the sidekick of 'said to himAll might’Nor in Eri.

Your class results are a disaster so go directly with Toshinori to explain what was happening. Deku he finds him "exercising" in a nearby park and faces him directly to tell him the whole truth.

'All Might' made the maximum revelation about his future: he will die very soon (Photo: heroaca)
'All Might' made the maximum revelation about his future: he will die very soon (Photo: heroaca)

'All might’Then reveals the real reason why he separated from Sir nighteye: his ‘sidekick’ had used his foresight ability after the enormous damage he received in his abdomen and revealed that he would die fighting a force superior to him.

Toshinori he tells him that he did not want to stop being the Symbol of Peace, not until he found a replacement that could protect people as he did. If he retired, everyone would be helpless. Against him, Sir nighteye wanted to 'All might’Rest and live, because if he went on his way as a hero he would complete his destiny as a place.

It was after all that he offered to train Mirio Togata to receive the ‘One for all’, But on the way he met Midoriya And the rest is history. He does not regret giving him the power, but he wants to be alive long enough to train him and make him the next great hero.

Deku It is silent for a moment but then reaffirms what it says ‘All might’. Both clash their fists and promise to defy fate that the Foresight from Sir nighteye He had scored for the world's number 1 hero, as he will die that year or next if they don't do something to stop him.

What will Deku do to avoid the fate of 'All Might'? (Photo: heroaca)
What will Deku do to avoid the fate of 'All Might'? (Photo: heroaca)

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