Police ambush in San Vicente Coatlan, Oaxaca; there are 5 dead


The ambush happened when the uniformed men made their surveillance tour in the municipality of San Vicente Coatlan, Miahutlan.

Diana Manzo

Oaxaca, Oax.- Five elements of the Oaxaca State Police were killed and another uniformed man was allegedly injured by a possible ambush that occurred on Friday afternoon in the town of San Vicente Coatlan, located in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca, according to reports from the justice authorities.

The event took place in the place "La Cementera", after the elements belonging to the Secretariat of Public Security of Oaxaca (SSPO) they toured the area on board the motor units identified with number 1730 and 1718.

While the injured policeman, identified as Alfonso Escobar was transferred to the City of Oaxaca de Juarez.

The deceased elements are Maximo M. O., German J.L, Hildeberto F. I., Bryan T.T. and Pedro L. R.

So far it is unknown if there are detainees.

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