Rodgers does not plan to leave


Brendan Rodgers denies for Arsenal

Quoted as a possible successor to Unai Emery on Arsenal, Brendan Rodgers said he had not considered leaving his current club. The technician from Northern Ireland makes sure to feel good in Leicester City.

As noted earlier in our columns, Brendan Rodgers is quoted by the English press as a potential successor to Unai Emery on the Arsenal bench if he was sacked by the London club. But the Foxes technician says he's not interested: "If you do a good job, it's normal in this industry to be tied to another job. It's a natural consequence " he said in a pre-match press conference against … Arsenal.

Rodgers feels good in Leicester City

Brendan Rodgers, who put his team on the podium at this point in the season, does not plan to leave his current position: "People sometimes connect me to the best clubs – I'm already in the top. It's a fantastic club, a great job for me and right now, with the owner we have, the players I own, I absolutely love every minute I spend here. All rumors and speculations, whether for you or against you are part of the system " he added, reports BBChttp: //

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