Several hundred "yellow vests" parade in Montpellier in a tense atmosphere


Shortly before 5 pm, 10 people were arrested and a police officer was wounded by a helmet hit in the leg.

Several hundred "yellow vests" gathered and marched Saturday, November 9 in Montpellier (Herault) in response to a call "national", in an atmosphere quickly tense and marked by several arrests.

From the beginning of the demonstration, early in the afternoon, several ropes of CRS surrounded the protesters, including blocking access to the station, the Polygon shopping center and the prefecture, and sent tear gas. Just before 5 pm, 10 people were arrested, according to France Bleu Herault. A policeman was also wounded by a helmet hit on his leg, said the prefecture of Herault.

"Many teenagers who were in shops and fast food sector see the police charge, gas and bludgeon.No possibility of exit is left to them and they can not therefore obey the injunctions of dispersion"instigated the lawyer Sophie Mazas, the president of the League of Human Rights of Herault.

Some protesters, wearing gas masks, helmets or balaclavas, threw smoke and firecrackers. Among the slogans inscribed on the banners, "The hell of the poor makes the paradise of the rich", "People, you have the duty of insurrection when the government violates your rights" or "It's capitalism that rots our life."

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