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Milan, 8 November 2019 – Fifty-one arrested between Miolano and Naples, 31 reported at large, a jewelery with an estimated value of 5 million euros seized: this is the first assessment of a maxi-inquiry, called "condor operation", Which has dismantled a criminal association aimed at carrying out scams on the elderly throughout Italy'elder received the phone call, almost always from a person who presented himself as a marshal of the carabinieri, the sirens of the police were heard in the background. Then a voice, as gentle and persuasive as ever, explained that a relative, almost always a son or nephew had had an accident and that they needed money immediately. Thus the elder did everything. He met the swindler and gave money, jewels, in some cases even the wedding ring of the dead relative. And when, then, he discovered that he had been the victim of a fraud, the old man taken by shame did not report, either to the police or to the family. In one case, in Livorno, a woman, two days after discovering that she had fallen into deception, died, most probably because of the pain of what had happened.

That is how since 2015, throughout Italy, hundreds of scams have been implemented. And this is how the Camorra filled its coffers with a business that could also earn 200 thousand euros a week. The survey started in 2015, about 80 people involved. It was then that i carabinieri of Milan they began to understand that there was a link between the different cases of fraud who had registered throughout Italy. And above all they understood that there was one the only director, that of the Camorra, with a power plant in Naples. Hence the involvement of the Neapolitan Dda. The phone calls started from several call centers, located between Italy and Spain.

The scammers, who in some cases didn't even know they were working on behalf of the Camorra, spoke in Italian but also in Spanish, in English. They listened to the elderly, understood as much as possible about his life and then carried out the fraud. Money and jewels were thus delivered; in Naples it was even seized a jewelry store where all the 'fruit' of the scams were placed on the market again. Nothing was left to chance: scammers sim cards were used only one day; cars were rented from different companies. However, some weaknesses have been identified by the investigators: the scammers, for example, where they were caught, were almost always defended by the same lawyer. And then the telephone cells: the investigation also started from here, from the call centers that later turned out they were mostly in apartments in Naples. Some elderly, a suspect, had it. After receiving the phone call he tried to call the police or police to verify that he had been contacted by the police, but the telephone operator did not interrupt the communication and so, when dialing the number, the line continued to be connected to the scammer. .

Investigators talk aboutsocial alarm ' and for this reason they have decided to spread the contents of some phone calls on the police and carabinieri sites: to make the elderly understand how to act and make them understand how to escape risk. A survey defined as 'of great importance' by the investigators because it subtracts for the first time the fraud sector from an occasional criminal mentality and shows that, instead, it is now a specific sector of business in the hands of the Camorra.

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