The repulsive plan with which the CDR intended to sabotage The Classic


The tyranny and despotism of the CDR knows no limits. They call themselves (Defense Committees of the Republic), but you could really use a series of definitions much more accurate to the 'sect' they represent. The world He has revealed today how they intended to sabotage these 'energumnos' one of the most anticipated games of the year. He Classic, which was not disputed on October 26 because there was a high risk due to exceptional causes, it was going to be the showcase where the CDR intended to be advertised. They studied cornering the bus Real Madrid and cause power outages in the Camp Nou that brought as a consequence a generalized chaos in the stadium and in the television productions.

You should never mix politics and sport. It is a maxim that most clubs follow Spain and of the world However, the values ​​of FC Barcelona They have always gone further. It is true that they are 'more than a club'. For a long time, the Barca team had 'unchecked' the strictly sports to clearly show an ideological position unrelated to constitutionalism. The statements and communications that have been made since the Camp Nou These years have given rise to sectarian and independence groups such as the CDR champion their achas in the fief Blaugrana. Sadly they have been able to see messages, typhoons and secessionist songs in recent years in a stadium that no longer only offers football. (The schedule they want to put to the Classic on December 18).As it says this Saturday The world, the CDR intended to use as a propaganda speaker The classic and more specifically the Camp Nou. The objective was to show the rest of the world the situation that Catalonia is going through. The first thing they had in mind was to corner the bus Real Madrid preventing him from entering the cule stadium. Delay the time of the game, cause riots in the streets and decentralize the players. Then, if the bus managed to advance, the focus was already on the grass. 'His victory' would come if they managed to cause blackouts in the stadium that prevented the game and especially sabotage the television achievements.

No one could see in their homes what was happening in the Camp Nou. Not only the Spaniards, but the hundreds of millions of people who follow 'The classic' Around the planet An unfortunate show that they would study on December 18. They deprive us of enjoying one of the most anticipated games of the year and it is they who 'give them liberals'. It seems that all this has rather an authoritarian and dictatorial dye that, if not, you will suffer the consequences. And, in part, thanks to FC Barcelona that has never cut the 'wings' of these violent.

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