the student who immolated himself in the street, a political act


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Terrible drama, Friday afternoon, in front of a building of Crous, in the 7th district of Lyon. A 22-year-old student set himself on fire. It's this Saturday between life and death. It is a political act as well.

What a drama. A 22-year-old student from Saint-Etienne set himself on fire Friday afternoon in Lyon. Seriously injured, severely burned, he was rushed to the service of the severely burned hospital Edouard Herriot, in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon.

Saturday morning, he was still between life and death. 90% of his body would be burned, according to firefighters. The young man, 22, was a member of the student union "Solidaires Etudiants Lyon". It is a political act as well. The young man immolated himself in front of a Crous building, rue Garibaldi, in the 7th arrondissement.

"It's not a coincidence that I'm aiming for Crous"

"Today, I will commit the irreparablewrote the student on Facebook. If I target the Crous building in Lyon, it's not a coincidence, I'm aiming for a political venue, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and by extension the government"."I accuse Macron, Hollande, Sarkozy and the EU of killing me, creating uncertainties about the future of all, I also accuse Le Pen and editorialists to have created more than secondary fears", he added.

A deeply political gesture

This Saturday, the union in which he militates, "Solidaires students Lyon", reacted by release: "Precariousness destroys our lives. Since Friday afternoon, one of our comrades and friend is between life and death, at the hospital. In great financial precariousness, deprived of stock market, desperate, he immolated himself by the fire in front of the building of the CROUS of Lyon. We do not have enough words to scream our pain and sadness. Our disgust, too, with regard to those institutions that pushed him to the irreparable, as he explained in a poignant message".

"Because it's good these inhuman institutions, this precariousness, this too common violence that the State and the University exert against the students in the general indifference which guided its action, deeply political, desperate act but also and especially gesture of struggle against a fascist and racist system that crushes. They are responsible and guilty"continues the union.

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