Video evidence in Dynamo victory leaves Wiesbaden coach Rehm disconcerted: "scandal!"


Dresden – "This is a scandal Write today about the referee and nothing else!" Wiesbaden coach Rudiger Rehm stormed into the catacombs, bright red in the face and angry.
Woe's coach Ruediger Rehm was terribly upset.

Woe's coach Ruediger Rehm was terribly upset.

The whistled lead of his team in the 26th minute let him romp. In this scene, Dynamo was lucky in the 1-0 win, which was missing for weeks.

Alex Jeremejeff had wanted to hit a ball from the goal line in the middle, was blocked, Wiesbaden countered, Manuel Schaffler pushed.

Then the video referee intervened, there was kick for the SVWW, the leather was Jeremyeff in goal.

"I can understand the anger of Rudiger," said Dynamo coach Cristian Fiel. "I've been thinking about what I'm giving my boys on the way," the 39-year-old was surprised himself, but also admitted: "I was shit right now, why the score did not count."

Regardless of what the Rehm was, "Maybe it's better we take a referee to the press conferences, the rules have become so complicated that even we coaches do not know what's going on." I thought there was no goal-line technique "I thought a goal should have a disadvantage, we did not have that," he said furiously.

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