"We will win from minute one, but knowing there are 90"


Luis Cesar see some improvement in the Sports, but is aware that they need to endorse it with victories as soon as possible. It doesn't give much importance to the crack of Christian Santos and explained why, having no sides available in the first squad, he has left out of the call to Valin, lane of the Fabril:

Anxiety: We have to look for instant connection, light the fuse. Go for the game from the first minute, but knowing there are 90 to win. The match lasts an hour and a half and is very important for us, for our fans. You have to know that we have 90 minutes to knock down the opponent and when we score we must be convinced that we cannot lose it. "

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Improvement: I see the template getting better. Improving is a hard process. It requires a lot of practice, training. It requires feeling awkward and vulnerable and that's why everything must be done with determination. At times we feel awkward, but we are on the right path to get that improvement. It is the price to be paid, a process in which we do not always see ourselves as we would like. "

Missing: I appreciate that rivals don't really suck me. How many times does my doorman intervene? If my doorman intervenes a lot, I don't like it. When I see a team that they finish off little is that they work well. Then with the ball we don't have ideas in sync. When we have to counterattack we start to pass the ball and when we have to attack, we kick back directly. "

Saints: I don't think it affects us much. Absolutely nothing. Neither help nor subtraction, is the world of football. There are statements of all kinds and I do not give more importance than it has. It has already been talked about at the time and it is time to focus on our game".

Valin: It's not that I don't see him ready, I think for this game, After seeing Galan, Mujaid and Valin, I preferred to take Galan and Mujaid. I am not going to list my concrete conclusions, but according to my criteria and seeing who they are going to face, I think that they are more suitable for this match and I cannot take all three

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