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November 9, 2019 1:21 PM

The future provincial deputy was linked to the complaint of sexual abuse that Anna Chiara initiated her father, Ricardo Biasotti.

Authentic Polino Garnet
Photo: Amalia Granata received a strong accusation.

The last days, Amalia Granata he saw involved in a sad situation in which the they accused of being part of an act of child abuse.

It all started last week when the future provincial deputy revealed details about the alleged complaint that Anna Chiaradaughter from Andrea del Boca Y Ricardo Biasotti– would do to his father by sexual abuse.

"On Saturday I told as a received journalist that I am that there was a situation in a conciliation where he would have been proposed to withdraw from this cause and if he did not give up, he would go out to accuse him of an alleged sexual abuse in the media," he began explaining about it.

Amalia Granata on the possible complaint of abuse against Biasotti: "Be of your pain"

And he continued: “Fioribello – lawyer from Del Boca – sends me a document letter for insults and slander because I also told a fact that is real, which existed in 2009. He is arrested, he is imprisoned in Devoto for an alleged 10 days extortion".

“He does not say he was not detained, he only had no background. why not, because when he is arrested and they do the process and justice, by being detained and having no record, it gives you the benefit of making a probation and running out of records, ”Granata revealed.

Along the same lines, he acknowledged: “I am not making it dirty, this is real. If he understood that I told him he was an extortionist, at no time did I say he is. If he understood that I told him extortionist, I apologize because it was not so. ”

Video: HD Radio Miter.

Then Amalia gave details about the accusation He received this week: "On Monday a woman appears on a television show blaming me for a very serious crime, which for me already happens the criminal but is an aberration, child sexual abuse and pedophilia."

“He left saying that I am involved in a case, that she saw the files and that my name and surname appear. That I put a 4-year-old girl in my bed and made her participate in sex with my partner and made her watch porn, ”said the journalist referring to the complaint that Anna Chiara threatened to make her father.

granata biasotti
Photo: Amalia Granata received a strong accusation.

In addition, he detailed how he learned of said complaint: “When I see this accusation so serious, ominous and aberrant towards my person, I was in Santa Fe, in the morning I had received my diploma. At noon, this unknown woman sits down to make this imputation. ”

“I came flying from there, I went to the Microcenter to a prosecutor's office on duty. I went to the prosecutor, took my statement and made a complaint to this woman for insults, slander and coercive threat, ”said Granata.

And he explained why they so called the cause: “The threat is because this woman called the political parties to unite so that I cannot assume as a deputy for moral incapacity for an alleged cause that does not exist. I am not involved in any cause of sexual abuse. ”

Anna Chiara del Boca analyzes denouncing her father for sexual abuse

Finally the elect deputyHe confessed: “Since I received the diploma, I already have privileges. I do not want to leave, when I swear I will give up my privileges. I am available to Justice, I have nothing to hide. ”

“I made myself available to the prosecutor, I asked him to do my skills, my partner, my children. I put myself at the full disposal of justice and renounce my privileges, ”Amalia concluded in“Authentic Polino".

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