Bad crash of BVB! Non-performance in Munich reveals Dortmund problems


Michael Zorc is not really to be envied this season. The BVB sports director regularly demands a matter of course from his players – and is clearly disappointed by the team too regularly. Before the games in Cologne (3: 1), when it was still good, and at Union Berlin (1: 3), as it went wrong for the first time this season, Zorc had called the "necessary sharpness", but not seen.


Before the 2: 2 in Freiburg, he had prophesied, one starts "right now", but was taught a better one. Before the derby on Schalke (0: 0) he had wished that the BVB professionals would fight for victory "with each fiber". Well. And now, before this once more sobering and desolate 0: 4 in Munich, he had advised to "men's football" – at best, Bubchen football was jumped out of it.

The BVB actually seemed to be almost over the mountain

The receipt is that Borussia Dortmund is also in the third international break this first round with a big disappointment. Berlin, Freiburg and now Munich: There will be much debate again around the BVB in the next two weeks. Probably more about the players than about the coach, because this team, which seemed to be almost over the mountain after the recent victory against MOnchengladbach in the Cup, against Wolfsburg in the league and against Milan in the Champions League, crashed worse on Saturday night as teenagers at flatrate parties.

Only the first quarter of an hour was okay, after the 0: 1 broke the BVB on the square then gradually into its individual parts. No resistance, no rearing up, no body language. Nothing. The whistles of the fans, who sent away the team after the match, spoke a clear language. One can and may lose in Munich, no question, but not so. And the question must be allowed: how can a team that plays such a stunning second half against Inter on Tuesday just go down so helpless four days later and once again surrender to his fate in the Allianz Arena?

BVB coach Favre chooses brave lineup – and is disappointed

But Lucien Favre had not changed his team, had the same eleven players as on Tuesday trusts, had it, so it had looked at least in the first minutes, a bold plan on the way. Unlike the 0: 5 in the preseason, as the Swiss with one or the other personnel decision and conversion had been wrong, he trusted this time on their own strength. Accordingly, after the debacle, he did not want to make a nice speech, as he often did in the past, perhaps too often. "We were not there, that was far too little," said Favre, but his eyes spoke volumes. That sat a pretty stunned coach in the press conference.

The "horror balance" of the BVB in Munich, which also Zorc had spoken before the game, has become a little scary on Saturday. 0: 4, 0: 5, 0: 6 – these are the numbers of the recent three league appearances of the black and yellow at the championship. Zorc spoke after the bankruptcy then not more of "men's football", but only of "non-football". Everything was said that.

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