Bayern Munich: Matthaus annoyed – Arsene Wenger contradicts Rummenigge


Arsene Wenger and Bayern Munich – apparently this liaison does not come off. The star coach of the statements of the record champion, Lothar Matthaus is angry.

  • Bayern Munich and Coach Niko Kovac go separate ways.
  • Assistant coach Hansi Flick acts interim as new instructor – who will come after?
  • Arsene Wenger conceded loud picture one cancellation Bayern Munich, he contradicted the presentation.

Update from November 9th, 10pm: Bayern Munich's CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has acted for the obviously failed communication with the trainer candidate Arsene Wenger excused. "I think we've misunderstood each other, I'm sorry, we'll call and clean things up in the not-too-distant future, I'm not interested in being stressed out with him."

Matthew to posse at Bayern sour: "Another thing that we do not want to see"

Update from November 9, 2019, 18.10 clock: Sharp words from Lothar Matthaus, Before the kick-off of the top match against Borussia Dortmund explained the ex-professional to the cause Wenger: "The way this story went, that's not Bayern-like. It could have been cleared up with him instead of going through the media. With people who know each other and respect, one may assume that. That was another thing we do not want to see. "

FC Bayern: Wenger contradicts Rummenigge – "I told him that …"

Update from November 8, 9:45 pm: In coach poker for FC Bayern Munich and star coach Arsene Wenger there is now a new turn. Opposite the TV station beIN Sport contradicts Wenger the statements of Bayern.

Accordingly, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had called him to ask if he was interested in the coaching job – not the other way around. The image had reported on Thursday, Wenger had contacted FC Bayern and signaled interest in the vacancy. He was not an option for the German record champion.

"This is a surprising story," said Wenger. The 70-year-old Frenchman could not have accepted a first call Rummenigges and later recalled "out of courtesy". Wenger said the conversation lasted a maximum of five minutes. "I told him that I did not think about it and that it takes time."

The parties had decided to call again the following week. "That's the true story."

In England this weekend is the duel between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. We report in the live ticker to the match Liverpool against Manchester City.

Arsene Wenger: Was it because of a contract details for the sudden Bayern cancellation?

Update from November 8, 2019, 10:41 am:
Arsene Wenger was for a short time the hottest candidate for the coaching job FC Bayern Munich, But suddenly, the speculation seemed to have done – according to the image there was a phone call between Wenger and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. The Bayern boss should have given the former Arsenal-makers a rebuff (see below in the article).

Now there are more details. Like the English one Mirror reported, there is a clear reason why the two sides have not come together: Apparently Bayern wanted to bind the French until the summer. Wenger is supposed to, it says hoped for a longer-term contract, The Munich were not ready for that. If one believes this information, then the FCB could plan as follows: Hansi Flick may stay until summer, then one hopes for Erik ten Hag or Thomas Tuchel.

Coach legend offers – FC Bayern reacts immediately

Update from November 7, 2019, 5:11 pm: According to information of image it should have come this Wednesday (November 6) for a conversation between Arsene Wenger and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. The result: There will be no cooperation. The tabloid quoted Bayern as follows: "Arsene Wenger has called Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Wednesday afternoon and basically signaled interest in the coaching post at Bayern. Bayern appreciate Arsene Wenger very much for his work as a coach at Arsenal London, but he is no option as a coach at FC Bayern Munich. "

Wenger was therefore also willing to work with Hansi Flick, the current interim coach. This could possibly stay longer in office than initially thought. If FC Bayern does not find a suitable immediate solution, it is conceivable that Flick ascends from the intrerims- to the chief coach to be on the sideline of the Red at least until summer. Then it would be easier, for example, to lure Erik ten Hag to the Isar. The Ajax coach had categorically ruled out a club change during the season last.

Bayern looking for Kovac successor: Will it be Arsene Wenger?

Update from November 7, 2019, 12:08 pm: Hot rumors around Arsene Wenger and the FC Bayern Munich – Is there a decision soon to be made in coach poker? After new tzInformation is far from it.

Sports editor Manuel Bonke explains that it still has no contact between the two parties. So that the Frenchman takes over on the Isar, seems unlikely. The tendency: Interim coach Hansi Flick will remain until summer,

Another expert is also sure: after 22 years at Arsenal and given the age, Wenger is not a candidate for a coaching post. Former world champion Marcel Desailly says about his countryman. "I do not see him at the front line any more." Wenger, however, is still two years younger than Jupp Heynckes was in the fall of 2017 following his separation from Carlo Ancelotti on his fourth mission on the Isar.

Meanwhile, there is still speculation about Bayern. A former FCB star has now also brought into play. Is he a candidate for the Bundesliga?

New FC Bayern coach found? Top candidate makes a special promise

Update from November 7, 2019, 9:49 am: Is a decision imminent? Arsene Wenger is currently in the pole position in the trainer search of FC Bayern Munich, On Wednesday evening it was already announced that after the Bundesliga crash against Dortmund a meeting between the responsible persons should take place (see further down in the article).

Wenger himself is currently a football expert on Qatari television. His statements from Wednesday evening can now sit up and take notice. He explained, "It's a tough decision right now. I will do it in the coming days or in the coming week"This period would of course fit if you really should meet on Saturday. According to information of the kicker the 70-year-old is leaving on Friday from Doha.

Arsene Wenger: Is he coming to Bayern Munich?

Wenger was powerfully beaten by TV colleagues. He kept wriggling out again and again. Regarding his future he said: "I never refused to talk to Bayern. I know the people who run the club for 30 years. I almost landed in Munich a long time ago. We have not talked yet and I do not know if it comes to that. I currently want to do what I want. I am currently satisfied, but I miss the field too, I have not decided yet."

Finally he was asked: "If the Bavarians ask, then you talk to them?" Wenger quick-witted answer: "I always talk. In fact, I talk a lot here too. "He had the laugh on his side. At the same time he explained what he likes about the FCB: "What I admire: They always try to play. You take responsibility. They have always played possession, they are not afraid to have the ball and dominate the game. "

A maxim that too Wenger fits – and he already practiced at Arsenal. Another reason why the Alsatian to FCB should go? "I speak fluent German," he confirmed to his TV colleagues – in English. Wenger is a linguistic genius, he can communicate in French and Italian and Spanish. Wenger is currently the favorite to succeed Niko Kovac. Or should Hansi Flick get a chance after the 2-0 win over Piraeus?

New Bayern coach already in the approach? Start negotiations with top candidate

Update from November 6, 2019, 9:09 pm: The guesswork for the coaching chair continues – who takes over FC Bayern Munich after the separation from Niko Kovac? Currently Hansi Flick has the scepter in his hand. Or is he still a coach?

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic made a significant statement before the CL game against Piraeus. The Bavaria sat down at the end with 2: 0, the appearance was, however, not convincing. at * you can vote on the best player of the encounter.

Arsene Wenger: Does he come to FC Bayern Munchen as a coach?

Meanwhile, the coach discussion continues. A hot candidate is Arsene Wenger, As the image now reported The Bavarian bosses will meet soon with the Frenchman! It should already have given a concrete conversation before.

On Saturday, they want to put together after the crash against Dortmund, as the article continues. The Bavaria apparently want a coach until the end of the season to then install a younger coach. Loud image should Wenger be ready to accept this condition.

FC Bayern Munchen meets on 9 November 2019 Borussia Dortmund. Are the Munich players ready for the first Bundesliga match under interim coach Hansi Flick?

Arsene Wenger as Kovac successor? Statement makes one sit up

Update from November 6, 2019, 1:02 pm: The search for one Kovac's successor at the FC Bayern is running at full speed. The only thing that is clear so far is that the previous one Assistant coach Hansi Flick in the next two games against Piraeus and Dortmund on the sidelines. But who comes afterwards? FCB President Uli Hoeneb assumes that until the next away match in Dusseldorf on 23 November clarity could prevail in the coaching question.

A candidate for succession is ex-Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, It has become quiet for the Frenchman since his departure from London in the summer of 2018. The now 70-year-old is far from thinking of a career end and longs for football. That could actually happen, because a statement by Wenger can now sit up and take notice. So the coaching legend answered with "of course" to the question of beIN SPORTS, whether he could imagine a commitment to FC Bayern. "Exercising is my life, until today," continues Arsene Wenger.

Arsene Wenger shows a clear interest in employment in Munich. And the Frenchman is still burning for the coaching job: "Winning football matches, preparing with the team for the game. The satisfaction and the sharing of emotions. That's something you miss. "

Arsene Wenger to Bayern Munich? Now it could be very fast

First notification from 05.11.2019: After the separation from Niko Kovac is only clear who in the short term new coach at Bayern Munich is: Temporarily the former co-trainer Hansi Flick is responsible for the sporting fortunes. But who follows the interim solution in person of the 54-year-olds? It is planned according to the current state that Flick changes back to the second link.

New coach of FC Bayern? That's why Wenger could inherit Flick

Supposedly the former assistant of coach Joachim Loew is entrusted for a few games, the playful turn at the German record champion. At times, even in the bankruptcy in Frankfurt, one could already get the impression that Flick was responsible for the appearance of the Bayern pros and not (anymore) Niko Kovac,

The most likely version is now the variant that the ex-Hoffenheimer is replaced by a new coach, who is the team of the FCB cared for at least until the end of the season. Perhaps a strong man like Erik ten Hag could return to Sabener Strabe and take the helm for the upcoming season.

In the search for a new one FC Bayern coach a name comes to mind that has often been in disposition when Bayern Munich's search for a new man vonstattenging: Arsene Wenger, The 70-year-old looked after the Arsenal FC for 22 years and announced in spring 2018 his resignation at the "Gunners". Since then, the Strasbourg native has been without a sporting office and would now have time to take over the fate of Munich.

Arsene Wenger to Bayern? These facts speak for it

It should be beyond question that Arsene Wenger can not be a long term solution. Rather, the Frenchman as Placeholder for the successor which will then be included from the ground up in personnel planning for the next season. There is more than one factor to support the former Arsenal coach's commitment:

Wenger is accustomed to dealing with stars and speaks no less than five languages ​​- of course German is also part of this, as one knows in this country from various interviews from his time in London. He is also a coach with a similar experience to Triple Winner Jupp Heynckes, who is a close confidant of FCB President Uli Hoeneb and whose return many fans are looking for.

Arsene Wenger celebrated his 70th birthday: "The hunger is still there"

It was not until the end of October that the Alsatian celebrated his round birthday and answered on the occasion of his jubilee Sky sports: "The hunger is still there." For a long time, Wenger does not think about retirement. After his Farewell to Arsenal However, according to his own admission, he refused several job opportunities for personal reasons. "I was happy to spend some free time, having some spare time after almost 37 years is also quite good."

Another thing that makes this solution realistic: According to a message from the image (Payment barrier) would be Arsene Wenger anything but averse, the leaders of the German record champion should seek direct contact.

Meanwhile ex-baker Bastian Schweinsteiger fired the rumors about another starter – and has indulged with various European top clubs various titles. While various ex-players as a coach at Bayern bring into conversation, a well-known name is completely neglected – despite the praise of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

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