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In the absence of Le Sommer and Diani, it is she who took the game of attack of the Blue ones on her account. Often out of his left side to refocus, Majri (26, 55 caps) set the fire, getting a free kick very dangerous from the first minute. She launched the Bleues by a double, at the reception of two centers of her teammate in Lyon Delphine Cascarino (7th, 12th). She made the show at Matmut-Atlantique, and it is she who offered the fourth goal to Katoto, free kick (52). Before signing a hat-trick (63rd). Untenable.

More comfortable since the Blue spent in a system to a 6 and two 8, in the wake of the World Cup, the Parisienne (22 years, 28 selections) has demonstrated its elegance against the Serb, ball at foot, but also in front of the goal. She attacked very hard, with an interception followed by a missed match against Kostic (3rd) or a perfect center missed by Gauvin (5th). Very often offensive with the French territorial domination, she scored a third sublime goal, an instinctive recovery on a badly returned balloon (31st). His second goal in selection, which should remain the most beautiful a good time.

Grace Geyoro this Saturday. (R.Perrocheau / Team)

As usual, she set fire to her right side, taking advantage of the rough placement of poor Ilic, who spent her time chasing him. It was his two accelerations that led to the maiden inaugural of Majri. On the second goal, the Lyonnaise (22 years, 22 selections) has kept the clarity needed to lift the head despite a high speed. A deadly weapon against a low block.

Preferred to Gaetane Thiney at kickoff, the player of West Ham (28 years, 25 selections) has put forward his technique and his slaughter in the middle, combining well in small spaces, and exploiting its very good quality of pass . She tried twice her luck, without framing (26th, 40th). Replaced by Thiney, who positioned in 10, and who issued a decisive pass to Majri (63).

Clearly the big loser of the evening. Preferred to Katoto at kickoff, the attacker Montpellier (23 years, 28 caps) saw his competitor in Paris scored just after entering his place (53) at halftime. Before that, she had missed five chances (5th, 9th, 14th, 25th, 43rd). His sense of handing over did not save his match, even though his fake call was helpful on the opening score and his combativeness led to the third goal. Too little for a center forward in a match like this.

Valerie Gauvin had a delicate evening in the finish. (R.Perrocheau / Team)

Perhaps a little too easy against an opponent who has been content with rare counters, the rock Lyon (24 years, 58 selections), usually so fair, has been quite feverish, with errors of inattentions. She got Mijatovic's cold on Stankovic's biggest Serb opportunity, who ran into Bouhaddi (27th), in a way that does not look like him. She missed the 6-0 by being defeated against the empty goal (73rd).

Captain in the absence of Amandine Henry and Eugenie Le Sommer, Montpellieraine (27 years old, 30 caps) was not worn by this armband. She is slow to fall back on the big Serbian opportunity (27th) and has weighed less offensively than Sakina Karchaoui on the other side. In his defense, Gauvin did not transform two of his well-distilled centers (9th, 25th).

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