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Santo Domingo, Nov. 10.- Cuba supported the 9th Meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Forum for Latin American Cooperation East Asia (Focalae), triangular and multilateral cooperation based on the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

Speaking at the plenary session of the event, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Cuba Rogelio Sierra highlighted the importance of the Forum as a way to improve ‘our capabilities and complement our strengths.
At the same time he rejected unilateralism, force policies, double standards and the attempt to impose a unique model in the world.

Global challenges require global responses, which is why Focalae is a space in which cooperation between the nations that make it up can contribute to the pressing problems of the international agenda, the head of the Cuban Delegation added to the conclave.

Sierra recalled that just 48 hours ago at the UN, the international community once again overwhelmingly supported the resolution against the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and thanked the support of the nations present at the event for 'our efforts to achieve their definitive lifting and are conditions'. The blockade, he said, was and continues to be the main obstacle to the broad and solidary collaboration that Cuba provides inside and outside the Focalae and to the implementation of the 2030 national plan and the fulfillment of the island's sustainable development goals.

Likewise, the Cuban vice chancellor denounced the exclusion of Venezuela from this important meeting, considered it unjustified and added that his absence is the result of unacceptable political manipulations of a small group of countries, which does not fit the spirit or the purposes of this organization.

The exclusion, whatever the silence, does not honor the slogan that presides over this meeting: ‘exclusion is not a good action, exclusion does not bring us to a better future’.

Finally, he said that his country considers Focalae to be an effective and conducive mechanism for understanding, to favor dialogue and favor cooperation.

‘A closer and stronger interrelation is vital to the purpose of the forum embodied in its 2001 macro document, which calls for a better understanding and dialogue in all areas, between Latin America and East Asia,’ he concluded.

The meeting was opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Miguel Vargas, and will meet all this Saturday at the headquarters of the chancery. In the end the Declaration of Santo Domingo will be issued.

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