Cuban athletes dominate the 33rd Havana marathon


Athletes from Cuba dominate the 33rd Havana marathon.Havana, Nov. 10.- Yuvisleivis Castillo and Alien Reyes, both from Cuba, wore broad strides and resilience today in the 33rd edition of the Havana marathon, after dominating the 42,195 kilometers between women and men, respectively.

Castillo, 15th place in the test of the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, stopped the chronometers in two hours, 53 minutes and five seconds to slightly improve last year's mark (2: 53.51), when it also shone on the streets of the capital of the island.

'I couldn't sleep all night,' said the winner after crossing the finish line located in Central Park, on Paseo del Prado Avenue. "This competition was special, for the anniversary of Havana, and I didn't want to fail."

The rain made an appearance before the start and 'complicated the journey a bit, but the strategy was to work with great cunning and tranquility. The goal was to take the win and I'm happy to have achieved it, 'Castillo told the media, almost speechless, but with a smile on his face.

The native of the province of Santiago de Cuba, located approximately 900 kilometers from this city, surpassed her national Liurys Figueredo (2: 53.05) and the Italian Gabriele Toffolo (3: 09.42), who surprised her own and others with her medal made of bronze.

Marked with the number 405, Reyes, meanwhile, reigned in the men's section, with 2: 37.22, ahead of his countrymen Alexis Machado (2: 42.50) and Yoel Ricardo (2: 45.00), who stayed away from the time reached in 2018 by Henry Jaen (2:33. 59).

Also, the French Normand Elodie surprised with his triumph in the half marathon, after crossing the crossing in 1: 19.08, and outdo the hosts Arletis Thaureaux (1: 20.30) and Yumisleydis Mestre (1: 21.03), in that order.

The 21,097-kilometer race among the men was held by local Yuleidys La O (1: 09.25), while his teammates Dairan Suarez (1:10 39), silver, and Francisco Rodney (1: 10.45), bronze, They completed the awards podium.

Rodney, multi-champion in the 10-kilometer segment in previous calls, this time starred in a lower performance, although 'I could fulfill what my coach demanded and that is also very important,' said the fondista.

'The other good news was that there wasn't much heat. The rain cooled the day and this helped some, because not everyone feels safe when they run underwater, ”said Francisco before assuring that next year he will aim to reduce the current brand and improve the color of the dam.

The winners of the 42,195 km? Castillo and Reyes- will participate in the marathon of Madrid 2020, while the leaders of the 21,097? Elodie and La O- will be in the coming half marathon of Barcelona, ​​always in Spain, as part of the prizes awarded by the companies Iberostar and Air France.

Despite the weather conditions, a total of five thousand 858 runners, of them 1,449 foreigners, from 64 countries, gave life to a fair that had an atmosphere of pure excitement and color.

The traditional race was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristobal de La Habana and the Cuban sportsman Felix 'El Andarin' Carvajal, after 115 years of his fourth place in the Olympic Games in San Luis.

The Marabana-Maracuba project, founded in 1986, is made up of various popular programs organized in the Greater Antilles, and is recognized for adding hundreds of thousands of people to sports.

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